CNC T Puzzle & Pythagorean Square Puzzle




Introduction: CNC T Puzzle & Pythagorean Square Puzzle

Theese two puzzle are tiling puzzles similar to the more popular Tangram.
The T puzzle consist of four pieces and despite this fact it is generally regarded to be more difficult than Tangram.
The Pythagorean Square Puzzle consist of five pieces and it is even less known than the T puzzle; with all five pieces you can make a square but it is interesting the fact that you can also make a slightly smaller square with four of those pieces (all solution shown in pictures). I have added two PDF files: one contains the correct proportions of all the pieces in both puzzles so that anyone can make their own version of any dimensions; the second PDF contains the shades of some puzzle you can try to duplicate with the pieces of the T puzzle, since I recently found out many believe the puzzle can be used only for the canonical T shape which is absolutley not the case.



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