Step 3: Scan Original Blueprints

Picture of Scan Original Blueprints
I was given the sheet of blueprints (actually white zeroxed copies) to work from.  I taped the relevant portions together and traced the image to be cut on white butcher paper. Then took it to a local architectural copy shop (FedX-Kinkos would do) and had them make a digital file. They also sized it a bit to match the dimension given on the plans. I was enlarged 1.6%.
wally68002 years ago
I would like to know more about how you faired the rib profile before you created the "G" code. I have never been able to make a rib that I could use right off the CNC table without doing a lot of hand work to get the profile fair. By that time I have lost the exact shape and the rib is worthless.

I hope you can help me. I have two Marske Flying wings that I want to build. 70% of the work is in making the ribs and making them to the correct size.