PRINTED CNC Z AXIS for ARDUINO Projects or Small Router, Printer.





Introduction: PRINTED CNC Z AXIS for ARDUINO Projects or Small Router, Printer.

A small Z axis slider for small your small projects.

It use a nema 14 stepper and simple components.

You can buy the mechanical kit here:

Or you can buy from your local hardware store.

Download the STL files from my thingiverse:

Material need:

1x ABS slider
1x ABS body
2x 6" rod 5/16" diameter or use 8mm and adjust the holes with a 8mm drill
1x 5" threaded rod 1/4-20 or use 6mmx1mm and adjust the coupler
1x 1/4-20 nut or 6mmx1mm nut if you use metric threaded rod
1x coupler, it must match the threaded rod and the motor shaft, you can print one!!
4x flat head 3mm x 8mm screw
4x flat head 4mm x 14mm screw
4x 4mm nuts
1x flange bearing 6mm x 12mm
4x set screw 4mm x 5mm

1x aluminum 2"x3" front plate with 7 4mm threaded holes

1x nema 14 stepper


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Thank you all!


Step 1: Video!!

Sorry for the bad quality video!!


Print the ABS parts, make attention for not warping the parts.

Step 3: Assembly

start to assemble the parts.

First insert the nut and place the thread rod.

Install the coupler.

Step 4: SLIDER

Insert the bearing in the body.

Install the slider/threaded rod in the bearing.

Step 5: MOTOR

Now install the motor with the 4 flat head 3mm screws.


now it's time for the smooth rods.

If the holes in the body or slider are to tight, adjust with a 5/16" drill or 8mm drill if you use 8mm rod.

Set the 4 small set screws, don't over tight!!


Mount the front plate with 4 flat head 4mm screws and nuts.

The nuts are mount in the hexagonal under the slider.

Step 8: VOILA!!


Now you have a nice slider for your arduino or small cnc projects!!

Hope you like!!




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    Hey hello, I was wondering if you have a SolidWorks model for the printeable parts or if you could write me down de exact dimensions or something like that :D I would really like to do it but I'll machine it with aluminum in a CNC

    1 reply

    Hi, I have the file only for inventor but you can easily convert the stl files to cad format.


    Stay tune, in few days I will post a full 3 axis micro mill, Made from laser cut ply and ABS printed parts.


    1 reply

    The ply/abs router will be ready in few days!!


    I printed the parts. It came out Awesome. Now trying to source other parts locally in SA.

    Tnx fer de design!

    73 de ZS6COG

    3 replies

    Nice too see that! If you need the metal kit, let me know I can help!

    Thank you!


    Thanks for offering JBCRD

    I sourced the parts locally. It was a pain.
    I added a second printing head to my 3D printer and now it keeps on knocking the work parts over. I have to align the heads, but time eludes me.

    Right now I am in the middle of re-building a thing for the science centre and it is a challenge.

    Thanks again.


    hi, you can post picture of your unit if you want!

    Thank you!


    Hello, I have built all the hardware: physical structure, and have completed in entering the GRBLtoArduino and all the software. I have used the Universal GCodeSender and has successfully interpreted the software for is says " Grbl 0.8c ['$' for help] ". I've soldered the stepper motors (for I'm using steppers from dvd roms) to some salvages wire from a printer I took apart. I installed some female sockets in order to connect to the male pins on the CNC Shield ver. 2.01 . The orange light from the arduino flashes and in the Universal GCodeSender ver. 0.8 completes the operation b/c is says " ok " . I have no idea whats wrong. I know the steppers work b/c ive used a 9v battery to pulse the motors and they do indeed pulse. Ive used a multimeter to check its resistance and it works. I've checked the current on the motors once connected to the cnc shield and there's current. I have tested if the drivers are in fact getting power and they are. I've attempted the code " x=100 " , " $7=225 " but no motor movement. Can ANYONE help me ?

    10 replies

    Hi, your motor is unipolar or bipolar? You use pololu driver?


    Bipolar and yes A4988. I couldn't find any data sheet on the stepper motors I'm using, dvd rom's, but many say they are 2-2 Phase. Is that the same as 2 A/Phase ? The drivers continuous current let phase is 1.2 A.

    So I simply type those commands into the Arduino application running Grbl ?

    Plug all the wires like the drawing and enter the code.

    Do you use an UNO or Mega? What shield you use?


    I use a Fundiuno Uno , CNC Shield ver. 2.01, drivers: A4988.

    make the simple test in the link for testing your hardware.

    It's really fast ans simple to do!

    Good luck! And let me know.


    Okay . I could simply uploaded through the arduino application onto the arduino ?

    Hello it did nothing

    That looks Awesome, Great and Very Professional looking too!

    I am going to make or Buy a small Vertical Mill and I was wondering if I could save some money by making something like this to work with the CNC Vertical Mill? I wonder if I could program this unit to Hold an Aluminum Object & slowly move it to a set point and stop, then raise up 1/16" and have it return to it's original starting position, to gradually have it cut down to a certain depth in the aluminum and have it stop? Basically wondering if I could make an Automated CNC Table so the Vertical Mill could just Cut while this unit moves the part being slowly cutdown to a specific size? Could I program a unit like this from a Laptop to complete that?

    Thank you in advance.

    A video of this Unit working in action with a Mill or Drill press would be Nice to see? Or a 3D printing job.

    This is Awesome