Picture of CNC basics (Building a cnc machine part 1)

So you want to know more about how to make a CNC machine?

Whether it is a 3D printer or a mil of some sort, this will take you through the basics a give you a nice idea of how they work, operate and what parts you will need or can choose from.

Fist of I have built my own CNC router with a pretty good result, and currently working on a combined printer, router and laser cutter.

What is this CNC stuff anyway? CNC stands for Computer Numerical(ly) Controlled in short, it works with your computer 1s and 0s to signal your motors to start and stop and stop, run and reverse when you want it. If you like to know more about that
I suggest you hit it up on the net, there are tons of nice explanations there.

and the next steps will take you through the different main parts of the machine, and what you need to know about them, to make the most of them, as understanding them will help you to a long lasting machine.

The basics of a CNC router, lathe or 3D printer is pretty much the same, the bigest differance is how they operate and is controlled, the router and lathe remove material from what they are working with to achive their goal, and the 3D printer adds it but the main parts will be the same no mater what system you want to build.

the guide will be made up of different parts, focusing on different aspects of the build. And guideing you all the way to make your own wonder! Also please comment my work (in any constructive way), and ask as many questions as you like! This way I can improve the guide as I work.

Thank you

ArkanN9 months ago

Really nice explaining, this is exactly what I needed, the big view of the CNC, thanks a lot, I can understand all of the other posts now, I was so confused before reading your topic... You nailed it..

Hope to see ( part-2) soon, and hear about your hybrid CNC that you are working on it.

The-engineer (author)  ArkanN9 months ago

I'm really glad it was of use to you!

If you have any questions, or if there is anything you think I missed or should explain better please let me know.

Wow that is what i really wanted. Nice way of explaining each part.
Can you please upload 2D drawings with dimensions. I want to know the exact size of each component.
THANKS in advance and Good Luck :D

The-engineer (author)  me_zain9 months ago

A bit depending your skills and equipment and money I do know of better designs that looks like this however they are a bit more expensive

Also my drawings contain a few undocumented things as my challenge was to design and build my own, so I had to do a bit of prototyping here and there.

Anyhow you can have the full 3D drawings if you like, since I’m working on a brand new design, when school is not in the way… which they are quite a lot at the time.