Picture of CNC cut Paper Rack
rack 2.jpg
rack 3.jpg
This paper rack is designed to hold large amount of forms, letters or documents in a minimum of space and also design to be be easy to grab a form when needed. It was designed for A4 sheets 210 x 297mm but US letter should also fit 216 x 355mm as the openings are 220mm wide.
The material  is 3mm clear acrylic but you could use any 3mm material, such as  MDF or aluminum.
As the project is too large to fit in the small laser cutter I have access to I cut it out on CNC router, which worked well but requires a little cleaning up of the edges.
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Step 1: Stuff you will need

Picture of Stuff you will need
Apart from the DXF if you wish to cut it out on a CNC router you will need
  • 2.8mm mill end
  • 3mm acrylic or MDF
  • acrylic or wood glue
  • small brush or cotton bud to apply the acrylic glue.
  • A program to generate a G code for your machine. I use Vcarve.
  • CNC router or laser cutter large enough to cut 600 x1200
  • This first DXF is for a laser cutter
  • the second DXF is for a CNC mill or router
this is a cool idea, did you make all the racks in the picture?
liquidhandwash (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago
I made them for the office staff at the school I work at, they couldn't buy anything like it.