agm882 years ago
jwkooi4 years ago
Nice, can you post some more pictures?
dombeef jwkooi4 years ago
I agree, it looks very boring right now, I dont even know how to build it!
rootroot4 years ago
How can this "1-pager" be an instructable without instructions on how to build it?
CNCSnap (author)  rootroot4 years ago
It was a entry in the i made photo contest. I should have made a instructables. Planning to make one but the parts will be easily bought in a hardware store.
Alright, waiting with eager to see the instructions.. Maybe I will build it if the parts are easily accessable here where I live, however I doubt it..

-So make me wrong! :-)
austin4 years ago
ohhhh so that's how you make a cnc machine!
Bongmaster4 years ago
need more infos X3