If I win the printer one of my other project would be to build this monstrosity "THE PUMPKINATOR"

Here is my idea for a CNC pumpkin carving machine.. simple concept pivot A axis for the pumpkin radius this will be adjustable in the z axis for different sized pumpkins. the B axis is servo driven, so is the rotary B.

I want to build the main components with a 3d printer. to make this cheap enough to mass produce.

Step 1: CNC Controlled Pumpkin Carver

Here I have some spare motor controllers from my robot arm project I can use to build the Pumpkinator. I also have encoders ready to install for feedback. This will be a quick and easy build. 

What an awesome instructable this will be. cant wait to get started. All I need now is the 3d printer.

Step 2: Power to Create

I also have some spare motors and gear reduction transmission to build the drive system for each axis.

Step 3: The Z Axis I Will Use a Dremel or High Speed Rotary Cutter for the Spindle.

Now for cotrol this is easy we use a standard printer interface. this is the easiest. all we need are 2d images the 3 axis are mainly 2 axis with the z only an adjustment prior to startup. the rest will draw just like a standard plotter. More on this later.


nonex (author)2012-10-16

you should consider making the z axis a work axis as well-you can do some brilliant things with pumpkin carving b controlling the depth of the cut

sparten11 (author)nonex2012-10-19

well i have and on my finished version i will add z axis motion to the device. this will be a very stable milling machine for 2.5 d cad. i belive this will have a nich for the machining world. this could be a good patent. however i may have screwed the pooch and made this public domain. and lost my ablity to have a patent as well as anyone else. so we will see.

that is why i posted as a concept and not so much as a finished product. let me know if you want to help with the design and building of this concept.


AJMansfield (author)sparten112012-11-07

You can still own intellectual property on it without a patent; as long as you picked an appropriate license when you published the instructable, you still own it, since nobody can use it without your consent.

Kitana Kellaway (author)2012-10-10



thanks to all of you for voting, as you know i didnt even win as a finalist so no 3d printer.

thanks anyway. screwit I will build a better one myself.



Dusk Shadows (author)2012-10-09

potato Coffee say this 2 me so i voted for u

Please vote for sparten11's Instructable so that he can win the contest and build liads of great things. The Instructable is a blueprint of sorts but looking at his other stuff, you can tell he needs it. Heres a link to the Instructable:
This is what he said about it: "Ha thanks tell all your followers to go and vote for me too... lol I need all the help i can get. heck tell everyone you know, I am. I need that printer badly. I have just too many inventions to build. warren"
Please vote for him and help him win! PotatoCoffee


Lol he said the same thing 2 me

PotatoCoffee (author)2012-10-09

I want you to win this contest. Voted.

sparten11 (author)PotatoCoffee2012-10-09

Ha thanks tell all your followers to go and vote for me too... lol I need all the help i can get. heck tell everyone you know, I am. I need that printer badly. I have just too many inventions to build.


PotatoCoffee (author)sparten112012-10-09

Okay, I will.

amandaghassaei (author)2012-10-09

cool idea! when do you think you will be able to finish this? before halloween?

sparten11 (author)amandaghassaei2012-10-09

if i get the printer ya I already have everything else i need to build it. I just need the printer to make the frame etc.

keep watching

And please go vote for me to win.

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