Picture of CNC routed pillared tombstone

This project is similar to my previous one, but a bit more complex.

It is also a CNC routed tombstone that I made at the Tech Shop in San Jose.

See previous instructable here: basic CNC tombstone

In this design I mount the main tomb in-between two pillars or columns. Part of the reason is decorative. The other reason is that it seems Home Depot will no longer be carrying the basic ingredient, the Foamular (pink) insulating foam. This foam is much easier to work with that the white foam. In my area they no longer have any of the 2" thick foam but have plenty of the 1" thick foam still in stock. This design uses the 1" thick foam and provides for a place to hide the mounting PVC without having to fully laminate two sheets into a 2" thick tombstone.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials

• Foamular foam board (4' x 8' x 1" sheet, you will use less than half of it: $12)

• DryLok paint, tinted light grey (you'll use about 1/6 of a gallon @ $30/gal per tombstone)

• Liquid nails (you'll use 1/2 of a $3 tube); other glue suitable for foam is OK

• small amounts of black, brown, green latex paint

• paint brushes and small roller

• 18" to 24" of 1/2" PVC pipe

• two 24" lengths of 3/8" rebar or other stakes

• razor and/or saw (table saw- razor and/or saw (table saw, band saw or hack saw blade) for cutting the foam

• small soldering iron or other tool for melting cracks in the foam

• ShopBot router (at the TechShop) or Dremel; plus 1/8th inch bit

• (optional) Dremel instead of ShopBot


Nice work with the patina, too!

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I love it and I love the walking dead. looks great!

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Glad you like it...

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