Step 3: In the making

Picture of In the making
After the design I went into solidcam and added all my pockets, profiles, and so on.
Which were all routed in 5 mm Plexiglas. I have the luck of having a dealer nearby which sells me some "leftovers" by weight instead of measurements.

The drainpipe was roughly cut to size, with the smaller diameter for the lower plate and the bigger diameter for the upper plate.
The larger diameter should be a tad longer than the other, this allows you to insert the air hose a bit into the pipe, with it hitting anything.

Next up was to cut the letterbox windstopper for the bristles.
I carefully inserted on end into the pocket and slowly bent and twisted it to fit.
Tight corners were not doable, so I opted to cut and make bristles for all for sides.

After you got all those separate parts made to fit it's time to fix them together.
First glue the upper plate and the drainpipe and use that as a guide to get the lower drainpipe in STRAIGHT.
If it isn't in straight the lower dust boot won't be able to move freely up or down. Which would defeat the purpose..so make sure it is.
For this I used hot glue. Since it allows to fill up small cracks and crevices.
Do not use superglue, I was told that superglue and plexiglas are not the best of buddies.

After the pipes have been attached, attach the bristle to the underside. I also used the hot glue here, for the same reasons.
superglue + plexiglass = gooey mess + poisonous fumes