This is my artwork of a juggernaut from Command and Conquer 3. Please note: The guns don't actually fire, this whole thing is just art and decoration.

Step 1: Legs

It's walking artillery, so it needs legs. Build 2 of these.

Step 2: Body

Body of the walker.

Step 3: Guns

The artillery barrels.

Step 4: Attaching Legs

Putting the legs on.
The inside blue rods are the ones that clip in.

Step 5: Foot Balance and Support

Read the title.

Now you're done. Please comment.
cool. i love CNC games, but i haven't tried CNC3. I want to get the new red alert. that looks awesome.
ive got it, its pretty good but very very very graphics hungry...you need at least 1GB RAM to run it on its lowest graphical settings.
 u cn get it on 360 it is pretty good and cnc3tb on 360 aswell
Yeah, its pretty good. But i still prefer it on the PC :P.<br />
&nbsp;me 2 but it is still worth getting on 360 if u want somet to do and you cnt get viruses lol<br /> <br />
i know. i got it for christmas. the problem is the graphics card isn't high enough, so i ordered one. should come in today. actually, i'll go check my mailbox right now. red alert 3 here i come.
Ah, yeah, RA3 pwns. Though that darn top secret protocols are really pissing me off.
i fixed the graphics card and it does pwn. i'm new to the whole two functions for each unit, so i only got to the tutorial before my dad needed to do business stuffz.
xD make a mammoth mk2 from tiberian wars or make a weather controller from cnc yr
Perhaps I can think about making a mammoth.
this is the first instructable merging cnc and knex! a few things i would add though would be to put the guns on the front rather than the top. but good effort, and thats what counts! :D
I hope more will follow!
That game is so brutally fast online, I can't beat many people on it.
yeah, a bit of a shock from playing against the computer!, you have to use stratergies to succeed.
I played it for 2 months but still lost 4 out of every 5 games.
come and look at my strategies instructable!
dude, stop spamming.

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