Introduction: CNC/LaserCut_Chair

There is a chair that is a part of my schoolwork.

Step 1: Blueprint

Step 1
This is a blueprint of chair for better understanding of parts...
If u like it there is the file in step 2. And if u want to do it full scale,

write me for few tips that needs to be done.

Step 2: File

Step 2

The file for CNC or Laser-Cutter. and picture of my first model...



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    I would like to try and make the full scale one please send me the full file ?

    im going to try a full scale model on my CNC.. will post it soon

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    nice, the front legs must be dobublled because of strainght. if u want i can correct that for u or u.

    Hi BorJ1

    I'm trying to make a full scale one, would it be possible if you can correct it and send it to me

    greatly appreciate it

    How thick must the material be?

    I love this design for a chair.

    I come across the shell chair a few years a go why 'l googling herring bone and plywood chairs after someone here made herring bone chair . They are very expensive but most art is. I was looking to make some myself but haven't got round to it . I would like to know what is like to sit in.

    here's the link

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    nice, we had that thing in school and we must make some models of some chair and that was one i picked to make. it is realy nice but jes full scale is expensive.

    could your plans be used to cut the pieces out the old fashioned way using a band saw? I would like to try this for chairs on my patio

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    Probobly, with some skills you can make it.

    How sturdy do you think this chair is? It would be interesting to make a custom cushion as well that would fit into the cool contour of the chair. Nice design!

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    I don't know I didn't try build full scale model... It would be interesting.