CO2 Dragster Timer With Arduino





Introduction: CO2 Dragster Timer With Arduino

This project is for a co2 dragster track.

Step 1: Gather Materials

  • Arduino Uno
  • 2 LCD Displays
  • Wires
  • 2 IR Sensors
  • 2 IR LEDs
  • 1 momentary switch
  • Pitsco CO2 Dragster Course
  • 2 10k Ohm Resistors

Step 2: Designing the LCD Frame

We used Auto desk Inventor program to design the frame for the LCD screen. We first started by measuring the LCD screen it self to plug in the dimensions into Inventor.

This Frame Holds the Lcd Displays and the major electronics of the project

Step 3: Attach the Start Switch

This switch starts the timer once the release is let off.

This is accomplished by attching the switch so that it will actuate once the lever releases the hammer to hit the co2 cartridges in the 2 cars.

Step 4: Projected Finish Images



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I am really new to arduino, could you post more info regarding the codes and wiring of the arduino board?