Introduction: CO2 SHOTGUN DIY

hey guys, want to show you my homemade shotgun that shoots co2 cartridges. it's super easy to make and is lots of fun.
for this project you will need:

co2 cartridges
pvc pipe
wooden dowel
rubber bands
cable ties
wooden plank

Step 1: WATCH VIDEO!!!

I suggest you to watch video for more detailed instructions and to see this awesome shotgun in action.

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Step 2:

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so first cut off pvc pipe about 20 cm long and draw a trigger slider like shown. and using knife or little circular saw. next cut off wooden dowel about 6 cm long and screw in a screw that gonna pierce co2 cartridge. next place dowel into a pipe and add one more screw in a side. so you can slide dowel inside a tube from outside. sorry if I make no sense lol just watch the video. :)

Step 3:

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cut out two pieces of wood from the plank like shown in pictures and attach them together with hinges like shown. next attach pvc pipe with trigger mechanism to one piece of wood like shown using cable ties. next make a handle for the shotgun. I used left off bits from pvc pipe. but it can be wood too. and attach it to the end of the pvc like I did.

Step 4:

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now cut off about 35-40 cm of pvc pipe. this will be your barrel. and attach it to other piece of wood with cable ties. like I did. once again it's better to see what I did so I strongly recommend watching video. next add some rubber bands to the screw and end of the wood where barrel is attached.

note co2 cartridge can slide in and out of tube therefore think of ways to stop it from doing that I found a piece of rubber ring from the bicycle pump that fits great onto a cartridge and won't let it move inside of the barrel. but once co2 cartridge is pierced thrust is powerful enough to brake free the cartridge. well that is all there is to it. if have fun and be careful I'm sure somehow it can be dangerous if used wrong.
hope you like this instructable. :)


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