Step 7: Gallery

These are various items I have made with the laser.
Congratulations, it's a great work and perseverance sample. I would like a CNC of those at home.
metalartpro2 years ago
This is very cool. The kerf on my machine is 1/8" running a CNC plasma torch. What is the kerf (width of cut) with your laser here?
juampyasdf5 years ago
the last one is my favorite :D

What IS the last one anyway?
Silence5 years ago
You could prolly rig a plasma cutter in a similar fashion. The laser is nice and techy but I think plasma will be in the budget range of a few more folks and you can get similar results if you know what your doing.
manicmonday5 years ago
All this is really cool, but if you spent $27,000 on the lazer part then it's waaaaaayyyyy out of my range. I think the same can be said of most ppl.
Demascus5 years ago
nice project, I too like the last pic.  I do a lot of blacksmithing,  swords, knives that sort of thing.  And I tell folks there is always a little bit of me in everything I make.. usually not on purpose lol
Tommio697 years ago
I have a 5KW CO2 laser- when cutting stainless use Nitrogen (99.5% pure) and you'll have clean shiney edges on your steel :), also do you where any eye protection?! I really hope you do, as CO2 lasers emit radition that burns away your eyes lens without you feeling it.
what kind of eye protection do you recommend, would regular safety glasses/sunglasses work or would you need smoething stronger
Regular goggles won't do anything for the laser frequency... you need goggles that are designed just for that purpose... start here...


benthekahn7 years ago
That metal dragon thing is awesome.
You very genius man!!!!
u need to be more careful.i like it and all just that i dont have the stuff