Introduction: COD:Black Ops RC-XD

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Now like you i wanted an RC-XD that worked. So i made this instructable to teach you a quick, fun, and easy way to make an RC-XD for paintball and airsoft.

Step 1: Getting the Stuff

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For this you need:
$10 rc car
$1 mouse trap
already had Battery box
rubber band

Step 2: Assembling the Battery Box

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Take the battery box and tape it to the car. Find the power source wires for your car. Now find the positive terminal and pinch the red wire on there. Now do the same for the black but on the negative terminal.

Step 3: Making the Bumper

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Take some wire and wrap and secure it to the trigger of the mouse trap. You can ,if you want to, Make a cardboard bumper on the wire to make it look more like the rc-xd , i didn't do this for time reasons and it looks cool enough without it.

Step 4: Making the "explosive"

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Now take the rubber band, double it (depending on the size) and wrap it around the mouse trap and car. Take the cloth or tape and put it around the arm to make a catapult.

Step 5: Now Have Some Fun!

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Now have some fun! Who knows you could win an airsoft or paintball tournament with this baby. Also I would love to see some pictures, videos, or anything else and yes feel free to upgrade it with anything you want but please I would love to see another RC-XD in someone elses hands not just mine. (I mean by making your own, I couldn't part with this thing.) So any upgrades, new versions, or direct copies please send pics or videos to me. Have Some Fun!!!!


ChrisW179 (author)2015-12-26

What Does the battery box do? How do you get the wire on the trigger of the trap on with it going off on your hand?

CreationBoy- (author)2013-08-12

I have done your instruct able but tweaked it a little. I put a small airsoft bullet holder on the launching mechanism. Your instruct able has really helped me win some airsoft skirmishes :3

rodney mckay (author)2011-08-08

i am working on my own but i wont post full instructions you'll have to make your own. basically i hav 2 rc cars one that i destroyed and one that i took the body off. the destroyed one still will put power to the 2 sets of wires to the engine and turning so im taking those off and leaving the wires. then ill attach those to 2 spots on the car. the power for both the car and firing will come from 1 battery pack. attached to each set of wires will be a model rocket firing piece. then to each of those a fuse connected to a custom made box of airsoft explosives(yes with gunpowder) will connect to the firing wires. ill then attach both controllers to a control panel in my airsoft fort and attach a camera to the car and a monitor to the control panel. it will be complex and take up time but will be worth it. and if u think im stupid for putting my name as my username watch stargate atlantis. oh and im not the guy who plays him either. just some geek who doesnt have anything to do but build things that blow up for people who aren't smart enough to do it themselvs.

Paintballer98 (author)2011-05-01

is this Rc XD "catapult" remotely operated or does it just go off randomely

Raineyman (author)Paintballer982011-05-03

It goes off when it hits something much like the COD RCXD. Sorry for the confusion.

Paintballer98 (author)Raineyman2011-05-11

thanx I'll do this to my crazily modded surveliance tank. (mobile camera, thermal imaging, 500ft range, now with catapult!)

Raineyman (author)Paintballer982011-05-13

That sounds awesome. Now at least I know 1 person will do my instructable. Also if you can, can you send a video or apicture of yours. I like seeing people add there own stuff to some of my ideas.

Paintballer98 (author)Raineyman2011-05-15

k and do you think that u could post a video of this shooting

Soksume (author)2011-04-04

that's really cool now to step it up you need some C4 :)

Raineyman (author)Soksume2011-04-04

ha man I wish. I'd be driving that everywhere, oh well catapults are good enough i guess. Oh and if you want me to ill make a video for it. oh and thanks for the comments,

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