You need a nail, a hammer, a lump of steel for an anvil (a sledge hammer head will do), a stump, a flame, a couple of pliers, and a file.
jdodson61 year ago
Thank you for showing how to turn the mundane into something of great value and craftsmanship. Pennies to dollars in minutes. Makes a cool letter opener. With a little refinement a detailing skinning knife for those hard to get places. Thanks from Deep Bush Alaska! Beautiful work! :)
ArticAkita1 year ago

HA! thanks to this little gem I now have a plan for all those railroad spikes my boyfirend & I gathered up in Alaska when we had extra time to kill. :D

steventy71 year ago

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JGSales1 year ago

I love this!

These are awesome. When I was a kid Dollywood in TN would make you a knife like this from a railroad spike. It's always been a regret of mine that I didn't get one.

I wonder what TSA would say if you tried to walk through the airport with a pocket full of these? :) Nice work.
Jar Sqwuid3 years ago
That is absolutely fantastic. I am going to HAVE to try this. I see a decorative shadow box in my future.