This is my first instructable and I've decided to make a new gadget with ALTOIDS can. This one is a COMBO USB drive, that you can group all your old flash drives into a one, original and custom shape drive. Enjoy and comment please!

Yet, I am brazilian, so sorry about English language mistakes, ok? :)

Step 1: What You Need

- Old Flash Drives (4 is a good amount)
- Empty ALTOIDS can
- Old mouse pad
- Hot Silicone Glue

Step 2: Marking and Cutting

Mark the exact size of an USB por of your USB flash drives on the top side of the ALTOIDS can. Use a sharp pencil to mark EXACTLY the size of the port. DO NOT CUT MORE THAN NECESSARY or you cannot glue the flash drive after, ok?

Cut with DREMEL windows for all your flash drives you want to use.


Use an old mouse pad to cover the internal metal bottom of the can. It is a necessary step in order to make internal eletric isolation and avoid chocking hazard and hardware destruction. Place the rubber side of the mouse pad upwards.

Step 4: Glue Flash Drives

Now, all you need to do is place each flash drive inside each window and glue it with hot silicone glue. DO NOT USE EPOXI or other fixing materials in order to avoid hardware damage. Use a generous dose of glue to make it very solid!

Step 5: Final Details

In thesis, your COMBO Drive is ready to use, but you need an extension USB cable to connect it on PC. Use a small cable in order to keep it inside the ALTOIDS can.

Step 6: DONE!

Your ALTOIDS COMBO USB DRIVE is done and ready to keep all your data. You have now an original flash drive and with lots of space! The size in GB of your combo drive depends of how many space are on your flash drives. Enjoy!



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    I don't get why you can't just pack your USBs inside the Altoid tins. I could pack about 6-8 average USBs in there...

    I like it, I reallly like it!!!

    At last I can make use of all the old flash drives in my house! Thank you Cesar!
    I would attempt to protect the male ports of the drive, because you removed the casings, they might shear off the PC board.

    I feel you on the language front. I'm for South Africa, English is only spoken here in self defence, or by the remaining British! :P

    You spelled "electric" or "electronic" wrong.

    You got the idea though right?
    Play nice, the guys is a self taught english speaker...

    Respect Cesar! Cool Instructable!

    Thank you very much, my friend, for your explanation. You don't know how hard is to learn English by myself in order to improve my chances for a better job or even for meet new friends around the world. I really appreciate your tip and promise to do my best to speak well your Language! Regards!

    so wait... how does this work and What is it good 4?

     lol, why wouldn't you just set your flash drives in the tin? well i guess thats not as much fun.

    i would put the drive's connectors on the inside somehow, to protect the connectors better and also to make the tin look more ordinary. anyway, nice project!

    OH! the purple kinkston drive is 4GB, right? and also, wat are the other ones?