Step 6: DONE!

Picture of DONE!
Your ALTOIDS COMBO USB DRIVE is done and ready to keep all your data. You have now an original flash drive and with lots of space! The size in GB of your combo drive depends of how many space are on your flash drives. Enjoy!
FLIPminoman2 years ago
Awesome! I really like it!
add this to it and ur set. all mounted together
KingJaymz6 years ago
Aside from a couple of small spelling errors (where you said "Yet" instead of "Yes" in step one and you said "space" instead of "spare" in step 6), and I've seen native English speakers be guilty of much more shameful spelling/grammar errors, I was impressed with your command of English grammar and syntax. I'm not likely to build this one, but good on you. A fine idea, and powerful use of a second language. That's impressive no matter where or who you are. Keep studying that English, as it's obviously paying off. Merry Christmas!
cesarscavone (author)  KingJaymz6 years ago
Dear King: Thank you very much for your appreciation. I give my efforts to speak an English as better as possible, because I have a deep feeling for America. I have good friends there and despite the distance, I feel me very close to them. Yet, my English is self study only... I never be on regular class. Here in Brazil, English schools are very expensive and I, unfortunately, I cannot to pay for it... Thank you again for your comment! Best Regards!