The concept for the Crochet Pumpkini came from the idea of being able to attend an outdoor "Halloween" inspired pool party (based in the cold climate of the UK this would sadly have to be indoor for me ) but let's pretend the pool party is on the coast of the beautiful Miami beach with white sands, real shells and clear blue sea. The first colourful thing that pops into my mind when i think of Halloween are Pumpkins. You can't have a Halloween party without a strong Pumpkin.

I have worked for many years perfecting the craft of crocheting swimwear so I made the pattern up as I went along.

Hope you enjoy & thank you for visiting x
God I wish you were in the USA. I would love to have a suit like that!!!
It is very nice, :0) Would you please write an instructable so that others can learn how to make it, instead of just admiring it?
Cute design! I love the ruffles :) What brand of yarn do you use?
Thank you :)) For main body of the bikini I used (James C. Brett Top Value DK 100g (8443) &amp; for the trim and ruffle I used 100% Black Acrylic yarn mixed with a slightly shiny small roll of orange crochet thread that I found at the local market x <br>

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