After making so many electronics and cardboard projects, last week I started to play with cement .I had so much fun by experimenting with cement and loved the result so much.In this instructables I will share the procedure to make a beautiful and charming candle holder for your home decoration.

You can use some plastic containers to make the mold/mould.I used a coke bottle and cracked salt container seats inside my garbage bin.





2. Water

3. Plastic coke bottle

4. Small Container / Salt Container

5.Container to prepare concrete (3nos for Water,Cement and Concrete)

6. Petroleum Jelly or oil

7. Spoon

8. Rubber Gloves

9. Small stones

10.Sand Paper and Tissue Paper


1. Scissors

2. Box Cutter/Paper Cutter/Hobby Knife

awsome and creative!
deba168 (author)  kevanchristian1 year ago

thank you :)

ms match1 year ago

even tho you are only using a very small amount of cement mix I had to do all the mixing outside as the powdery fumes made my nose itch and eyes water

This is really cute! I don't know much about concrete, can you put water in the candle holder or will it seep into the concrete?

he is not using concrete mix, just cement mix

deba168 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago

Thank you :)

Yes it will seep after a long time.You can apply a coat of plastic paint to prevent any seepage.Good idea If we add water then the light also glitter.

jmwells1 year ago
The concrete WILL absorb water. Alight spray of lacquer, or poly will seal it. They also make a concrete sealer, but for this small application it wouldn't be cost effective. Adding a bit of fiberglass insulation to the concert will make it much stronger.

he is not using concrete, just cement

I am really not sure about fibreglass in here (India) its not a very easy find.

Inside the walls of old houses, appliances, under floor mats of old cars. You wouldn't need much.
deba168 (author)  jmwells1 year ago

Thanks for your suggestion.

Nicely done! I take it that you're using cement and not concrete, although people get them mixed up. (Cement is one component of concrete - basically the binder for the aggregate such as sand.) If you're using cement, you might want to change "concrete" to "cement" in your tutorial as it does confuse people who know the difference as to which one you are using.

Also, incidentally, there are pigments that can be added during mixing to achieve a variety of different colors.

deba168 (author)  Battlespeed1 year ago

thanks for point out the difference..

kludge771 year ago

Very clever!

deba168 (author)  kludge771 year ago

:) :)

Very cute! I love how the shape of the holder looks with the pretty flower candle!

Thanks :)