Adam's tutorials on a Axe Prop.Requested by ZachmanZM

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&nbsp;DUDE U ARE THE BOMB I LOVE UR STUFF :)<br /> <br />
on a real axe doesn't the handle stick out of the top some?<br />
cool. i'm a <strong>BIG </strong>fan!
Great vid, ~thanks!&nbsp;I really needed to find a way to get an axe! <br /> I also watched the &quot; How to fake shooting a person&quot; just a quick question; where did you get that fake gun? Something about a magazine? I&nbsp;need a rifle for a convention, do you think you could make a tutorial?
r u indymoguls son or something?
Woot! You are my ultimate source of special effect! Is there anyway you could see my movies?
Where's the test film? I thought you would swing it at a computer and smash it to bits ( a prop of course)!
I didn't make one but that's a awesome idea for one!

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