CR-Tutorials-Bullet Stop Effect


Introduction: CR-Tutorials-Bullet Stop Effect

Adam shows you how to do a stop bullet effect similar to what's in the Matrix for free.

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    It seems like you have a solid concept down, but this definitely needs work.

    maybe use a program like Anime Studio to build your effects.

    keep at it!

    Sorry, but that is really wuite horrible. The bullet doesn't look real at all, it looks almost like you just used ms paint to put it in.

    To make it better, you could have the bullet moving (also using gimp) and slowing down to a stop. Adding a bit of spin to the bullet might also be a neat effect.

    Hey Great Video Dude But If You Want I Could Teach You How To Do A muzzle Flash In Wax 2.0.If You Want Me To Teach You How To Do It Private Message me

    keep working on it, not bad for windows movie maker.

    hmn looks kinda stupid i mean the cuts in the video where you "stop" the "bullet". anyways you cant make anything good without good software so i gues this was pretty good

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    Well,I had little time to do the effect and it Wax 2.0 which is a free software so I'm happy with it.Thanks for watching

    i think in the movie (Matrix) they used 3d models for this but im not sure.

    I'm not sure either but I doing it the cheapest way I can think of

    You could use a little color correction to make it look more real, I mean the color of the bullet doesn't match the color of the video at all. Take a picture of the bullet with the same lighting as your shot, that should make things easier, then In GIMP (or even better in your sompositing software) use CURVES to take a lot of the yellow out from the bullet, (it looks like it's popping out of the screen) and maybe a little HSV and lower the saturation value, just experiment and Keep it up.

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    I planned to use one of one of my own bullets,record it and edit it with a snapshot but I couldn't find the bullet at the time.Thanks any way