Introduction: CR-Tutorials-How to Fake Super Powers Part 1

Adam shows you How To Fake Super Powers for filmmakers on a low budget.

For Wax 2.0 which is a free editing software go to

If you want to see an effect or prop being made on a video you can request an effect anywhere we are,you can go to our website at ,then go to the request an effect.
Or at this URL

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repear9 (author)2011-07-12

you guys sound like doctor evil from Austin powers, but other then that

fearmonger12 (author)2009-11-24

Can wax2.0 reverse film?

The Jamalam (author)2008-08-08

you spelled telekenesis wrong

Cyberscann54 (author)The Jamalam2009-06-19

bad comment since you spelled it wrong too. Its telekinesis moving objects with the mind (kinetics) not kenetics

Duct Tape Dude (author)2008-11-14

Stupid Windows, couldn't watch the video can somebody explain this!!!

Hey Duct Tape Dude(Cool name),are you using Windows Internet Explorer.I would suggest using Firefox.It's faster and it can do more things than Internet Explorer can e.g. play videos.

Yeah i got Firefox. Its waaay Better.

moomoocows (author)2008-05-29

This is just one of my pet peeves its a light saber like the sword not a saver.

PetervG (author)2008-05-28

Don't film on a windy day D: Nice tips though, great tutorials!

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