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Introduction: CR-Tutorials-How to Make a Hidden Blade or Dart Launcher

Adam shows you How To Make A Hidden Blade Or Hidden Dart Launcher for filmmakers on a low budget.It's not retractable

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    19 Discussions

    That could work fir only certain umbrellas

    work to making with blade of dagger and umbrella??

    Dude, I love the whole thing! Ingenious idea with the umbrella, too. I'd of never thought of that, honestly. The locking system! Ingenious!!!

    And this is for the people -- seriously? Why are you guys mean? I'd like to see you do something like that!

    you could make a trigger system that only required one arm insted of making it blindingly obvious that you had a button there.

    hey you could attach a srting to the part that pops out of the ubrella and and add some spike of some kind and us it as A.a grappling hook B.slam hook (which you spin around and smash ing to people like sheiks chain in super smash brothers brawl

    I have used similar duck tape straps for different things but one problem i have encountered is that eventually the tape looses its stickiness so instead i ended up doubling a rubber band so that the strap could stretch instead of fastening and unfastening the tape. here are some pictures of what I mean. In this case i used it as a strap on a knife sheath so i can strap it to my calf.