Introduction: CR-Tutorials-How to Make a Space-Ship

Adam shows you How To Make A Space-Ship for filmmakers on a low budget.

If you want to see an effect or prop being made on a video you can request an effect anywhere we are,you can go to our website at ,then go to the request an effect.
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slowbass (author)2011-06-07

Great job kid, you are really resourceful and creative. I could see you only getting better. keep it up.

shooby (author)2008-05-17

Hahaha What's a truster? And how much is two tousand? Youth slang is getting out of control.

Mystillate (author)shooby2008-05-18

It's not slang. Adam's from someplace other than the United States. Hard to believe, I know. His accent reminds me of Ireland, but .nr is the top-level domain for Nauru.

Kendallkip (author)Mystillate2010-02-02

so..... ever heard of sarcasm?

omg! (author)Mystillate2009-04-24

i like big ones

yup15 (author)omg!2009-04-24


shooby (author)Mystillate2008-05-18

yeah, I know, jessa messin aroun.

omg! (author)shooby2009-04-24

i dont care

omg! (author)shooby2009-04-24

u stupid

yup15 (author)omg!2009-04-24

u stupid too

omg! (author)shooby2009-04-24

hehehe im so scared

nepheron (author)2008-05-17

its just accent dude

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