CR-Tutorials-Iron Man Arc Reactor Prop


Introduction: CR-Tutorials-Iron Man Arc Reactor Prop

Adam's tutorial on an Iron Man Arc Reactor Prop

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    Adam! This is brilliant! Great work!

    nice rector adam


    конченый!!!!! можно было настоящий сделать) попарица тока нада с генератором!!!!

    about how much did it cost to make the reactor in full?

    GREAT instructable for a budget reactor!

    Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adam

    Walmart,home depot, dollar tree family dollar,and lowes

     try menards/ home depot

    Good job, but their are a lot more of these on instructables,try to do things a little more unique.

    4 replies

    Unique.How about an Iron Man Repulsor?That's coming soon

    that whould be cool also i think you just spilled the beans for that "guess what coming next" contest thing

    No the guess what's coming next was only for last week.I'm not doing it with this one

    whats coming after the iron man repulsor

    Adam where did you get the sink filter and the tap filter

    nice reactor Adam could you show me how to make one personaly. By the way where do you get those tap lights