CR-Tutorials-Iron Man Repulsor Prop


Introduction: CR-Tutorials-Iron Man Repulsor Prop

Remember last week's Arc Reactor.Here's something to finish your Tony Stark costume

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    ahahahhahahahahh that light on your hand is from the dollar store :[]

    2 replies

    Yea, but that dollar store light, got him on the featured page.

    Good instructable, and a good actor indeed...

    Well, I'm making a suit to but instead of all that work in making the gloves i just bought Red gloves and added effects

    Get the feeling your looking at the next Adam Savage?

    wow amazing good work

    There's only one thing that i don't understand, what does he mean by thick and thin cardboard? They all seem sorta the same to me, could anyone please give me some examples?

    3 replies

    He is describing corrugated and un-corrugated cardboard. Cardboard, or chip-board, is typically not corrugated-that is, it doesn't have a wavy "filling" sandwiched between to flat "bread" pieces. (man, I think I'm hungry.) The corrugated stuff is what people usually just call "cardboard" but it is not entirely accurate. (Now for peanut-butter and skittles sammiches!)

    I like "double corrugated" for building up thickness and strength, but you usually have to buy that junk since it's used to ship heavy things that destroy it fairly well in transit.

    Actually, check your local supermarket. The stands they sell watermelon in are like that, actually triple thick though, and they'll probably let you have it for free.

    cardboard levels, from smallest, to largest:

    1. average toy cardboard. no triangle layer (thin)
    2. average cardboardbox. one layer of cardboard. (thick)
    3. Piano cardboard box. the gold of the cardboard mine. ULTRA thick.

    Thick and thin is like a cereal box vs. a packing (moving) box.

    i supposed to have my own film... i want what u did...

    its nice it can be made possible if we can humans can do wht ever thy can

    i can make it but i need lot of support of others like engineers and those who can bare financial amt

    probably would have been better to take out the leds and put them inside the glove :/