Adam's tutorial on a landmine prop

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WoW! That was one hell of an explosion. >XD
I enjoy watching your work. I like the way you think. You could also use a bunch of dead smoke alarm detectors as the shell. Save them when it is time to replace them.
<strong>DON'T</strong> use a smoke alarm! smoke alarms contain radioactive americium! <br/>(I'm sure it could be removed easily with proper precautions taken, I just don't want any kids to do anything stupid)<br/>
Old smoke detectors used to use americium but that is less than .1 microcuries.&nbsp; new smoke detectors do not use radioactive material they use a photocell.<br />
Thanks.<br/><br/>WARNING: Kids should only use empty plastic containers/tubs from margarine, butter or cream cheese as an alternative to make this prop. Leave handling of anything radioactive or near radioactive, including smoke alarm detectors to the professionals. <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Ionizing_vs_non_ionizing_radiation_units_and_sa_1/">Read some discussion here.</a><br/>
That is good but what if a kid steps on it and breaks it?
thank you professor science
whos "our" ?

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