CR-Tutorials Redo-How to Make a Hidden Blade





Introduction: CR-Tutorials Redo-How to Make a Hidden Blade

Adam redoes How To Make A Hidden Blade with a simpilar design

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    wonderful, but i have one question, how do you get it to stay in when not in use

    hi u look like a nuinja turtlees

    Im almost done mine.. it has 2 locking mechanisms and it is spring loaded with a ring trigger attached to your hand or your pinky or middle finger check it out.. in like..... 10 days...
    peace out,

    this video is nice

     while making mine im trying to put a small pulley along it atatched to the blade and the back of my two middle fingers , so when i flex my writs backwards the bade comes out ... then theres no danger of it cutting my hand or wrist lol

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    just get a ring and tie wire to it and attach that to your pulley

     how do you get the rail to lock in at the top?

    i'm making the asassins creed 2 hidden blade with the litlle flintlock gu attatched.
    blade is going to be spring loaded and i'm making a pin that holds it back pin will be attatched to a thumb ring so just stretch your thumb and *shing* :)

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    Holy shiz! That's intense. Wish you best of luck with that. Just don't blow your arm off or anything. I think I'll just stick with the blade. lol

    cool. make an instructable i'd like to see that.

    no, dont. you have to make it so you need to flick your wrist back, because then if you you accidentally pull your thumb out with your wrist bent down, you'd slice your wrist open and all your blood will be on the floor in five minutes.