CR-Tutorials-Smashable Ice Hand





Introduction: CR-Tutorials-Smashable Ice Hand

Adam's tutorial on a smashable ice hand(and a ice crystal)!Sorry for the bad acting in the short test film

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    No offense, but most people on instructables don't care about making movie props. In my opinion, you should keep your videos just on youtube, where if someone wants them, they can search for them.

    that is not true at all.

    Its a how-to site. Its how-to make a prop. -___-

    A how to make a prop is a how to thing 2 Right?!!

    I watched this video like a month ago and just realized how much i wanted to try it! here is a Video. I did not really try to do it good I just wanted to show the frozen hand.

    you have a A+ in enthusiasm, it's awesome, you are the type of kid that ends up at the top of the visual fx food chain, keep this up, you are on a good path, be critical of yourself always, you'll get there

    the results are hilarious, but still look good. great job.