Adam's tutorial on Two Lightsaber Props.Make sure you watch the other parts of this special

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<p>Can someone please tell me what he used to make the first lightsaber the video is set to private for me. Thank You!</p>
<p>can`t you show it in words</p>
number one it looks like some of the real blue lightsabers <br>your such a boss bro =)
I know right!
indeed but the second still looks like Darth mores but only 1 sided
or like qui gon's
Darth mores my favorite
Do you mean darth maul?
The characters
It's sad he doesn't make tutorials anymore.
I really liked them :(
Meh i didn't really look at many of them till now
I see
i like light saber 1 be cause its cheap light weight and it just looks awsome
if you added another pipe of larger size and perhaps a handle bar grip you can do wonders.&nbsp; I made this a few years back and it's got a great weight to it.&nbsp; This is a great tutorial for those who want to upgrade from using bulky toys!<br />
Well Done!!! If you ever make another one, please put a step by step...I would love to make one.
<strong>omg</strong><br> <em>Tutorial?</em>
y'know, I never realized I could've taken some before and after pictures of the whole thing. This was way before I knew about this website. I could take you up on that offer when I get some time.
i think both builds are clever, and i'm torn as to which i prefer. if saber one used a slightly larger diameter tube, it'd be my pick, but i really do like two as well.
I like #1 because it costs less... although I think it looks cooler, too!
i think if you combined 1 and 2 together insted of haveing 2 ok sabers you would have 1 awesome saber <br>
I liked lightsaber two the most. I am looking for a lightsaber that is really cheap even though I have $83 in my wallet but I don't want a kid one and force fx lightsabers are really expensive. Thanks for the video I'm going to build one.
i like lightsaber 1<br>best
that's a good item for a belt hook
i know right... those toys are like the bootleg version
Were you trying to be like Indymogul?
i like lightsaber #1 because, i like it a whole bunch and it looks like anikans lightsaber.
&nbsp;dedoweb, these are not useless if you have the wooden-dowels\programs!!!&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <br /> you stink<br />
&nbsp;I made <strong>NUMBER-1</strong> ad I modded it and it's <em>AWESOME!!!</em>
i think lightsaber 2 is better but i think i would make number 1 because its cheaper<br />
I would perfer light saber one/#1 but thats just<br /> my opinion!!!.<br />
Dude ausowme lightsabers but number one would be slightly better if it had a grip inside of the tube<br />
your irish! lol<br /> <br />
I like Lightsaber 1 it looks graceful :D
i like number 1 it is ace it is like aniken skywalker
Both look very cool, but I guess number one.
number 2 it looks cooler
Number one is cooler, but if you added something on top of number two, it would be better.
um i cannot upload a pic.
num 1!!! i got my own i make it of 1 metal bar of 8 cm and sliver paper and somthing and some woll and many sticky tape and a tiny leather belt look close!
num 1 cuz its cheaper and looks better
I like saber 1!! I think it looks more authentic. and I like the 45 degree angle cut at the end
same but is used a vacum pipe how do you cut it
I prefer lightsaber #1 because of the price and it looked cooler
Watched several over your videos. Very well done.
<em><strong>works for me</strong></em><br/>
It says "Video Has Been Removed".

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