CR-Tutorials Special-Star Wars 1/3-Two Lightsaber Props


Introduction: CR-Tutorials Special-Star Wars 1/3-Two Lightsaber Props

Adam's tutorial on Two Lightsaber Props.Make sure you watch the other parts of this special

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    Can someone please tell me what he used to make the first lightsaber the video is set to private for me. Thank You!

    can`t you show it in words

    number one it looks like some of the real blue lightsabers
    your such a boss bro =)

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    indeed but the second still looks like Darth mores but only 1 sided

    Do you mean darth maul?

    It's sad he doesn't make tutorials anymore.

    I really liked them :(

    Meh i didn't really look at many of them till now

    i like light saber 1 be cause its cheap light weight and it just looks awsome

    if you added another pipe of larger size and perhaps a handle bar grip you can do wonders.  I made this a few years back and it's got a great weight to it.  This is a great tutorial for those who want to upgrade from using bulky toys!

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    Well Done!!! If you ever make another one, please put a step by step...I would love to make one.

    y'know, I never realized I could've taken some before and after pictures of the whole thing. This was way before I knew about this website. I could take you up on that offer when I get some time.