CR-Tutorials Special-Star Wars 2/3-Lightsaber Effect


Introduction: CR-Tutorials Special-Star Wars 2/3-Lightsaber Effect

Adam's tutorial on a free Lightsaber Effect!Make sure you watch the other parts of this special

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    mhippo's right, it is alot easier to use the shift-click option than drawing the blade. also, I found that it looks much better if you color all 3 layers, just coloring the outside layer makes it too dim & pale. One more thing, is there a FREE program that can export all frames of a video into a folder for you instead of having to take a snapshot of every frame? i hate doing it that way.

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    Openshot will create a folder of images from a sequence and then load that sequence back in as video. Openshot is free and very powerful.

    WAX 2.0
    Kinda old, a little buggy and it appears it's not updated any more. But it's free,easy to use and you can do effects like light sabers without all the switching between apps.

    Can you use adobe photoshop or illustrator?

     Yeah. most people use it for referancee

    I might even add some brightly-colored tape (such as blaze orange) on the ends of the tube. it will make tracking easier in post.

    Did you try after affects and permire i have it an im only 12. it makes lightsbers easyer. but i thing the pack for both is like $1000

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    but blender has a pretty steep learning curve.

    Rotoscoping (the technique you used) takes way too long in most productions.

    It is much easier to use a program to animate the lightsaber using a technique known as Motion Tracking. you pick one or more points (for the lightsaber, I would pick two - one at the tip and one at the hilt) and the program will track the motion of those two points. you can then insert the lightsaber effect on the blade, and it will follow the tracked points. you just saved yourself 5 hours!

    Motion Tracking is supported in Anime Studio 6 lite, which will cost you 30 bucks. really cheap.

    star war is cool how you made it i will try it out.

     its nice with a  photo buth this to much work for a film

     hey. sorry but lsmaker is much easier

     I dont want to be rude, but I think its an impediment. I have a lisp, so its not like I am putting him down. Just saying. not being able to pronounce 'th's is not part of any accents that I know of. 

    i tink its an irish accent