Hi, friends in this instructable i will  show you how I made my family gifts for this Holiday season, specially if you don’t have a lot to spend with all the prices going up, well, hope you like it and give it a try, and surprise your love ones with a hand made gift made by you ; ) well let's begin.

Step 1: First Thing Is the Tools and Materials:

You will need :
Clear Family, friend or a pet photograph, preferable a self-portrait
(but I will be demonstrating the instruction with a 3 person photograph  the steps will be the same  )
  Photo editing software, I use Photoshop 6.0 the old one because i'm using my old computer :( but the steps are the same in the new Photoshop
xacto knife with new sharp blades, JUST BE CAREFUL!!!
A self-healing mat is nice and makes cutting much easier (you don't have to have a huge one). I've also heard of using a piece of glass to cut on, but I'd cut my finger off for sure.
Cardstock  or other material for your template. You can  use a cereal box, just cut it to fit your printer
a Canvas frame.
Spray paint. (I will only use 2 color the black and gray in matte finish )
Computer whit a laser printer.
HI, you can use this software http://posterazor.sourceforge.net/ it is easy and wit a regular printer works fine. send us the finish picture wen your done ; )
Ok now how do i make it on textured living room wall sized huge. I wa thinking getting it printed at Kinkos and using a roller.
Very cute! I love how it looks in black and grey!
thank you!!! i was feeling sand because no one comment, thank you Penolopy ! if you try it please upload a picture.

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