Here's a simple fix for the annoying habit shared by CROCs and similar sandals... the dreaded STRAP BLOWOUT !

The little plastic rivets are designed by factory lawyers to self destruct (see the attached images of the stages of decay) if you were to snag them on a wheat thresher, barbed wire fence or the clutches of a rabid Marmoset. Yes- they are designed to give way and release you from harm... usually at the worst possible and inopportune moment.

By using a bit of BUNGEE Cord and some soft tubing, you can improve your shoes to CROC 2.0

Step 1: End result will look nicer on your feet, not mine!

Picture of End result will look nicer on your feet, not mine!
Here is a double loop end result
kceddy4 years ago
That's pretty cool. I just discovered that you can get free replacement rivets from thte Crocs website.
NOT "free" ! 99 cents for a pack of 4 plus an exorbitant $5 shipping charge for something which should be able to fit in an envleope with a 49 cent stamp!
mathiemom3 years ago
I always used a paper fastener or a twist tie (which were not very comfortable).
TrailH4x4 years ago
Nice hack.
where do i get these rivet in chennai................?