CRT Vacuum Filling - With a Hammer!





Introduction: CRT Vacuum Filling - With a Hammer!

Making a CRT safe for scrapping and throwing away, by using a hammer! 

Warning - not for boring people!

Simply take a hammer and strike the back of the tube until it starts hissing and filling up with air.



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    Don't forget to wear a visor and welding gloves when doing this in case the thing shatters and explodes.
    I used a bolt cutters to nip off the glass "nipple". If you miss your aim with the hammer, you could shatter the electron gun.

    I would strip the things off of it first.


    I did, I have salvaged most of the components from the board but the flyback transformer was the main thing I was after.

    The board on the back end will just pull off, then you can find the bit of the tube that it was evacuated with - a light and precise tap with a screwdriver and it's done. (You show a clumsy & undignified method in this video).


    He looked rather "gifted" here in my opinion :-)

    I've seen these popped open much quicker than this. Haha

    Oh yeah, what is your record? ( ;

    Haha....I'm talking about stupid kids (I as one of them a long time ago), you know "2 boys....1 rock" and a BIG BOOM ;-) Hehe.........

    I showed the fun way of doing it, the CRT was being thrown out and I do not really care what will happen to it once the bin men take it away.

    You just pull the bit off the back, it's got some useful things on it, don't just "twat-it" with a hammer - there's a wee-bit of tube that is very easily snapped without brute-force cack-handedness.
    "Hit something with a hammer" may give you 101 Instructables, but what can anyone learn from this? (we all know how to break things)


    Ok calm down, I will remove it if you are so bothered by it.