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Introduction: CS3 Knex Shotgun

Compact Shotgun 3
A mid ranged, double barreled shotgun pistol. Each barrel holds three blue rods. The barrels can be fired individually or simotaneously. The CS3 fixes all of the CS2's structural problems.

Version History
2: CS3
3: CS2
4: CS1

DsMan- trigger

CS3 Music Video

Step 1: Part Count

Nov 13, 2009. 2:18 PMSeleziona  says:

I've got a parts list!

9 yellow
14 blue
16 white
30 green
2 long black

15 green
17 orange
10 red
29 yellow
5 gray 2 slot
7 gray 1 slot
7 tan
2 Y

2 female ball joint connectors
1 T connector
4 hinges (2 male and 2 female)
21 blue spacers
6 gray spacers

Step 2: Handle

1: Build three of these.
2: Attach with a blue rod and a gray rod as shown.
3: Build this.
4: Build this.
5: Build this.
6: Attach parts 3-5.
7: Attach all parts.
8: Build this.
9: Attach as shown.
10: Add a tiny elastic as shown.

Step 3: Barrels

Gather these parts for step 1:
8 blue spacers,
4 gray spacers,
6 orange connectors,
2 tan connectors,
4 gray connectors,
8 yellow connectors,
4 black connectors,
4 blue rods,

1: Build this.
2: Gather these.
3: Attach as shown.
4: Build this.
5: Attach as shown.
6: Build this.
7: Slide on as shown.
8: Gather these.
9: Attach as shown.
10: Add two gray rods as shown.
11: Build this.
12: Attach as shown.

Gather these parts for step 13:
5 yellow connectors,
4 red connectors,
2 tan connectors,
2 yellow rods,
2 gray rods,
4 green rods,
6 blue spacers,

13: Build this.
14: Attach as shown.

Step 4: Trigger

1: Build this.
2: Build this.
3: Attach as shown.
4: Build this ( the cut rod is optional but will allow more elastics to be placed on the firing rods).
5: Attach as shown.
6: Build these.
7: Slide in a yellow rod as shown.
8: Attach the parts from picture 6 as shown.

Step 5: Assembly

1: Build this.
2,3: Attach the part from step 1, the handle, trigger, and barrels as shown.

Step 6: Finishing Up

1: Build two of these.
2: Add duct tape to the firing rods as shown.
3: Add firing and trigger elastics as shown.

Step 7: Loading and Firing

These are instructions from the CS2 instructable, it loads and fires the same way.

1: Pull back the bottom firing rod.
2,3: With your hand pressing up on the trigger mechanism, pull back the top firing rod.

4: Hold three yellow rods as shown.
5: Insert them into the top barrel.
6: Push them all the way in.
7: Insert three more into the bottom barrel.

Now pull the trigger!

Step 8: Finished!

Have fun and don't forget to rate!

Step 9: Trouble Shooting?

Contact me.



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    Wow. The rubber bands at small.

    Mine trigger doesn't work

    WTF?!? Is that another 8 hinges? I counted out EVERY peice only to find I dont have enough!

    ikr i did the same thing and ended up thinking wtf is a t connecter and just found out i don't have that or hinge pieces!

    Ich habe einen schrumpelich spitzbart... lol german someone translate it... =D

    it says

    I have one schrumpelich pointed beard


    I have a goatee schrumpelich???? xdxdxd

    nice try! it means "I have A Wrinkled Goatee beard"

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