Introduction: CTHULHU CAR DECAL!

In this instructable I will show you how to make a plastic logo thing for your car. I made mine depicting "The Great Cthulhu" as an Icthys Fish, but you could do whatever you want. This is an easy, simple instructable.

Step 1: Material

For this project you will need:
Plastic suitable for the type of cutting you will do. (The more intricate your design, the easier the plastic needs to be to cut)
A knife or set of knives. I got a set of Xacto knives with a bunch of blades for $3 at Menards.

A template for cutting.

Spray paint for coloring.

Step 2: The First Step.

Trace your template onto whatever you will be making the decal out of. If your plastic wasn't transparent like mine then I guess you could tape the template on and cut both plastic and paper.

Since my project required 2 layers,one as a background, one as the shape and the letters, I cut the background slightly larger than the foreground and left it solid. For the foreground I cut out around the letters, but left the top and bottom attatched to the "body" of Cthulhu to make it easier to glue. I did all the cutting while watching "In Bruges" (great movie, by the way)

Step 3: Painting.

Time to paint the logo! I used outdoor type spraypaint. Make sure to give a smooth, even coat. Otherwise your decal will have ugly bubbles and thicker areas of paint. I kind of messed up on the silver area, but it still looks okay.

Step 4: Final Step

Almost done! Now you need to glue the two pieces together, if you used two layers. I used JB weld because it was the only thing I could find, but Krazy glue would probably be better.

Once you are done, find a way to attatch it to your vehicle of choice. Glue, magnets, some kind of adhesive foam backing, its your choice. Once I get a car, this thing is definitely going on there, and I'll see if I can find some other H.P Lovecraft fans.



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    My car now sports this awesome sign. Church-goers everywhere gape at it. Thank you soo much. :]]

    could i put that on a boat?

    LOL !!!! A well read person in today's scene. I have to make one also!!
    Thanks for the laugh!

    I thought of this while I was reading your instructable: Instead of painting the shiny part, you could use some metal tape (it's for fixing car fenders). It is about 2 1/2" thick. Just stick it to the black plastic, and then cut out your pattern with an X-Acto knife, removing the 'black' parts, and then you are done, and it is metal!

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     And get ready to say good bye to your project when some who likes it discovers they can peal it off what ever it's stuck too.

     Hey, any chance you could post the cthulu template that you used?

    wow, it's great, i'm trying to make something like that(mine is the fsm and is made of aluminum), but it helped

    I happen to live in Dunedin, New Zealand, and I hear the rumblings in the hills...