In this instructable I will show you how to make a plastic logo thing for your car. I made mine depicting "The Great Cthulhu" as an Icthys Fish, but you could do whatever you want. This is an easy, simple instructable.

Step 1: Material

Picture of Material
For this project you will need:
Plastic suitable for the type of cutting you will do. (The more intricate your design, the easier the plastic needs to be to cut)
A knife or set of knives. I got a set of Xacto knives with a bunch of blades for $3 at Menards.

A template for cutting.

Spray paint for coloring.
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kiafayce4 years ago
My car now sports this awesome sign. Church-goers everywhere gape at it. Thank you soo much. :]]
rugnor5 years ago
could i put that on a boat?

studleylee5 years ago
LOL !!!! A well read person in today's scene. I have to make one also!!
Thanks for the laugh!
JohnJY5 years ago
 I saw this on Facebook flair.
I thought of this while I was reading your instructable: Instead of painting the shiny part, you could use some metal tape (it's for fixing car fenders). It is about 2 1/2" thick. Just stick it to the black plastic, and then cut out your pattern with an X-Acto knife, removing the 'black' parts, and then you are done, and it is metal!
Ooh! Good call. Make the black part a magnet strip from the craft store and voila!
 And get ready to say good bye to your project when some who likes it discovers they can peal it off what ever it's stuck too.
MKohen (author)  michaelalanjones7 years ago
tahts a great idea. Maybe I'll try it out if I make another one.
frikkie5 years ago
Very nice! 
knightowl5 years ago
 Hey, any chance you could post the cthulu template that you used?
ampeyro6 years ago
wow, it's great, i'm trying to make something like that(mine is the fsm and is made of aluminum), but it helped
Joe Mama6 years ago
I found the guys who make the Cthulhu Fish you got the image from.


bobobob12306 years ago
i enjoyed in bruges as well
FSM Fish, here I come!
thats exactly what i was thinking
darwin fish would be cool aswell
of course then you could do the original christan fish!
hcold7 years ago
I happen to live in Dunedin, New Zealand, and I hear the rumblings in the hills...
Dorkfish927 years ago
is that the Gerber razor? That thing is awesome. Cool Ible!
"Is your baby a Gerber baby?"
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Yay forsaken one!
GoodRubbish7 years ago
Vote for a real change this November - Vote Cthulhu! Very nicely done, good sir... very nicely done indeed.
Why settle for the lesser of evils? Vote Cthulhu!
LOL! I laughed for a while at that.
wow, really cool!
abbabibble27 years ago
shooby7 years ago
What the hell is CTHULHU?
I had to look it up myself.


BTW what did we learn from this 'ible? Trace around a shape and cut it out with an x-acto knife and spray paint it?
Yeah, but not just any shape...Chulhu, super! Right? Hey? Right guys? Oh.
PKM shooby7 years ago
Cthulhu is a recurring meme, nothing more. Self-referential humour is the new... regular humour. If you don't want a Cthulhu fish you could have a WANDA or a DARWIN or whatever. If you really want you can distil a lot of Instructables down to "so you're just soldering some components together?"- just because the techniques used are simple ones doesn't mean the Instructable is worthless. "How to spray paint plastic and stick it together" would be a rubbish 'Tible (and there are some around of that quality or worse, see "Ghetto Hacks"), this is sharing a design that happens to be easy to make.
Nesagwa PKM7 years ago
Yeah, nothing but a silly internet meme.

Read a book for pete's sake.
PKM Nesagwa7 years ago
OK, fair point- yes, I realise the mythos is a significant literary work, so Cthulhu is more than just a silly internet meme, but this Instructable doesn't seem to be about the books.
MKohen (author)  PKM7 years ago
I learned about Cthulhu through the stories of H.P Lovecraft before I found anything on the Internet. I happened to see a picture similar to my logo on the Internet, and decided to make one. Hopefully I'll be able to find other Lovecraft fans with it...
Fruppi MKohen7 years ago
I learned about Cthulhu from the books as well loooong before I ever saw something Cthulhu-referencing on the internet. Of course my husband introduced me to the books, but it still counts...right?
shooby Nesagwa7 years ago
I read about one per week, but not for Pete.
shooby PKM7 years ago
Meme? But wait, how would I do a WANDA?? I only know how to do.....CTHUHLU!!
MKohen (author)  shilohjim7 years ago
You didn't really learn anything. Its just an idea for a car decal that some people might not have thought of.
DJ Radio7 years ago
wow. After this, you can play tight rap very loud from your car... very popular where I live, especially 26-year-olds
ThanksDolph7 years ago
You don't happen to own a blue Jeep do you? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Cthulhufish.jpg
not the same decal. lol. just similar.
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