Ever wondered if you could control things with the power of your gestures? Ever wondered if with the help of sensors you could make things look as though it works by magic?

Well meet CUBEX, an Arduino sensor safe that permits you to do what you always wanted to do! To magically open up your very own safe! This safe will open up without even you ever touching it!

At home I wanted a space where i could keep my secret ''treasures'' well away from the reach of my siblings, parents or even friends. This got me thinking to a rather different design of a safe! With the invention of CUBEX, you don't need keys neither do you need a number lock, you will unlock it only with the power of your gestures. To play on with the magical idea we added in motors so that the box actually opens up completely by itself, somewhat like a scene from a Sci-fi movie!

Watch the video on top, to have an understanding on how we made it and how it will look once its done.

To see how it works, and to make the new generation of the SENSOR SAFE theme follow on!

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Step 1: Overview of CUBEX

The uniqueness of CUBEX is that instead of using a number lock or a key it permits us to unlock the safe with the power of our gestures. This design wipes out the never ending problem of loosing one's keys and makes it impossible for an intruder to even guess how it works!

To make this possible we used various sensors positioned around the box at specific areas. As we weren't ever physically touching the box we set parameters to each sensor, that when performed in the right sequence would unlock itself, in a rather mysterious way. To play on with this magical idea the parameter that we set made our gestures one of a magician's. Then as though magically CUBEX opens up automatically, opening the safe and permitting you to access your treasures.

Great work Satya!... good luck :)
<p>Love the video, you definetely got my vote!</p>
<p>Super idea. Would love one for my home. </p>
<p>Thank you, will definetely make you one : )</p>
<p>Superb idea. </p>
<p>Yes its completlely original!</p>
<p>nice pictures. Like it a lot !!!!!!!</p>
<p>Thanks! try making one</p>
Thank you so much for that positive feedback!
Amazing project, with clear steps and pictures! Very neat and well made. All your hard work has had a wonderful outcome. The video is great too. Deserves a vote!

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