If your a kid at heart, or a grandma who wishes she could cuddle with her grand kids all winter long, this is a perfect project. These blankets are fun and simple and can be adapted to virtually any character you wish. I did garfield and granny just to show a few examples. The silly faces make them appealing to children and adults alike, but what I love best is how functional they are. Not only does the hood, booties, and mittens keep you warm but they make it easy to move from place to place with your blanket.


Picture of MATERIALS

The amount of materials for this project will change according to the character you wish to do, and the person who will be wearing the blanket. For the children size that I did you will need: 

*1.5 yards of fleece (or a plush throw)
*scrap felt or fleece for the face/ hood (whatever you desire for your character)
*24"of 1/4in elastic (This is for the mittens/booties. If you are crunched for time or material you could use 2 pair of fuzzy house socks)

sewing machine w/ notions
Nahual3 years ago
The instructions were great! Hooray for self-taught sewing. :)
mygibzone (author)  Nahual3 years ago
Thanks! I'm always happy to hear when someone else has benefitted from my "ibles" ! I've been surprised how much my kids have used their blankets, and they have held up really well too. :)
bajablue3 years ago
5 Star adorable! Voted!!!
mygibzone (author)  bajablue3 years ago
Thanks! I'm by far not a professional at sewing but I try.
bajablue3 years ago
Just another quick thought, mygibzone:

Don't forget to enter this cute little "costume" in the 2012 Halloween Challenge. Entries are accepted all year long, even if they are published in advance.

This is too SWEET! ;-)
Great idea, and very cute!
pezzasaurus3 years ago
I'm not sure which is cuter the blanket or the kid in it!