Hi guys this is my second project done by pvc , you may wonder why i choose pvs to built my projects, coz i have bunch of pvc which are leftovers of my house plumping work .and i dont wanna waste them .


This is a simple Bluetooth based 4 wheel drive rc robot built in pvc frame , the advantages of this frame are

  1. It is strong and stable.
  2. so easy to make.
  3. high load capability.

  4. low cost (for me its free of cost)

  5. most important thing is it can give equal amount of pressure for all 4 wheels
  6. so its 99.9% accurate (means it can go straight )

    The reason why i discovered this idea:- i live in a place where there is less availability of robotics parts ,
    the only frame which i can get from those shop is the one which built with metal sheet ,for cheep rate .but thats notstable ,some times all wheel wont touch the ground equally and unequal distribution of force ,it cause the robot to show improper movements while its turning .

Step 1: Parts Needed

  1. Arduino -1 nos
  2. Bluetooth module - 1 nos
  3. Gear motor (any rpm ,i used 200rmp) - 4 nos
  4. Robot wheel (any size) -4 nos
  5. 12 Battery - 1nos
  6. Lm293d motor driver ic/board - 1 nos
  7. Android bluetooth rc mobile app
  8. Jumper wires,9v plug for arduino ..leds optional

    For frame

  9. 1/2 m pvc pipe -1 nos
  10. Pvc tees - 2 nos
  11. Pvc coupler - 4 nos
  12. Axo blade - 1

  13. Pvc gum paste

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