Hi guys this is my second project done by pvc , you may wonder why i choose pvs to built my projects, coz i have bunch of pvc which are leftovers of my house plumping work .and i dont wanna waste them .


This is a simple Bluetooth based 4 wheel drive rc robot built in pvc frame , the advantages of this frame are

  1. It is strong and stable.
  2. so easy to make.
  3. high load capability.

  4. low cost (for me its free of cost)

  5. most important thing is it can give equal amount of pressure for all 4 wheels
  6. so its 99.9% accurate (means it can go straight )

    The reason why i discovered this idea:- i live in a place where there is less availability of robotics parts ,
    the only frame which i can get from those shop is the one which built with metal sheet ,for cheep rate .but thats notstable ,some times all wheel wont touch the ground equally and unequal distribution of force ,it cause the robot to show improper movements while its turning .
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Step 1: Parts Needed

Picture of Parts Needed
  1. Arduino -1 nos
  2. Bluetooth module - 1 nos
  3. Gear motor (any rpm ,i used 200rmp) - 4 nos
  4. Robot wheel (any size) -4 nos
  5. 12 Battery - 1nos
  6. Lm293d motor driver ic/board - 1 nos
  7. Android bluetooth rc mobile app
  8. Jumper wires,9v plug for arduino ..leds optional

    For frame

  9. 1/2 m pvc pipe -1 nos
  10. Pvc tees - 2 nos
  11. Pvc coupler - 4 nos
  12. Axo blade - 1

  13. Pvc gum paste

Step 2: Building The Pvc Frame

Picture of Building The Pvc Frame

Go threw the picture for guidance,any more doubts ? leave comment !!

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I'm a beginner ...

my project have a delay at least 7-10 secs. before it move, i don't know why, please help me...

tominjose (author)  jasper.alcular14 days ago

Delay is because ,app you are using is latest version ,there are few bugs on latest version try to use old version ,it may solve your problem

Thanks for the response.. Can you give me your zip file for the old version of your application? Thank you in advance :))..

tominjose (author)  jasper.alcular14 days ago

Sure! give me your mail id.

no need to the zip file, after finishing i will vote

tominjose (author)  jasper.alcular12 days ago


nishant2216 days ago

i cannot understand 1 thing how will the robot rotate left and right if you r using two motors only or a pair of motor joined to 1 terminal only. I mean if you connect 2 motors to single terminal they will rotate at same will either move forward or backward how will it move left or right??can you explain me this ?thanx in advance.

tominjose (author)  nishant2214 days ago

Dude logic is so simple,
here i used 2 ways to turn the robot:
1:If we turns one side tyres in one direction and other side in opposite direction the robot will turns in 360degree (this same principle is used in military tanks and on few earth movers)

2:stopping either one side tyres (if we stop left tyres while right tyres still rottating in forward direction ,then robot will turn to left)

can you please give me the .fzz file


I can use it right ??

tominjose (author)  hoanghungvn981 month ago

Yeah ,you can use any motor driver shield.

tks !!! chúng ta cần càng nhiều động cơ ?? 2 hoặc 4

tominjose (author)  hoanghungvn981 month ago

2 là đủ

tks.. you have my voted !!!

tominjose (author)  hoanghungvn981 month ago

Thank you!!

hey !! i can use this morto ???

Thông số kỹ thuật:

- Điện áp Operaating: 3V đến 9V

- Mô-men xoắn tối đa: 800gf cm / phút

- Tỷ lệ giảm: 01:48

- Tải trọng hiện tại: 70mA (tối đa 250mA) ~ 3V

- Tốc độ: Tốc độ quay 125 + vòng / phút (3V) - Khi tốc độ bánh xe nắp để ~ 26 m / phút

+ Tốc độ quay 208 vòng / phút (5V) - khi tốc độ bánh xe nắp để ~ 44m / phút

tominjose (author)  hoanghungvn981 month ago

Vâng, bạn có thể sử dụng nó,

hey !! i can use this morto ???

Thông số kỹ thuật:

- Điện áp Operaating: 3V đến 9V

- Mô-men xoắn tối đa: 800gf cm / phút

- Tỷ lệ giảm: 01:48

- Tải trọng hiện tại: 70mA (tối đa 250mA) ~ 3V

- Tốc độ: Tốc độ quay 125 + vòng / phút (3V) - Khi tốc độ bánh xe nắp để ~ 26 m / phút

+ Tốc độ quay 208 vòng / phút (5V) - khi tốc độ bánh xe nắp để ~ 44m / phút


hello dil2abu would like to know if the frame you used, or did u even bought ready?.If you could also would like passace me the link where you bought all the accessories.and how much you spent to the total?

If you check my previous comments in this Instructables you wil know from where I bought..
You mentioned about Frame, I made the chassis for this using a plywood and fixed L- Clamps for Dc motors..
All together I spent nearly 45 $..
dil2abu1 month ago
I made it Tj..

Watch "Android controlled Arduino Car" on YouTube - Android controlled Arduino Car:
tominjose (author)  dil2abu1 month ago

clean and superb!! keep going.

dil2abu2 months ago
Hi.. I am a noob and I love to build one like this.. I have few questions..
1) Can I use the clone version of Arduino uno?
2) Bluetooth module HC-05 can be used?
3) You have connected 9v battery to the motor driver, Wat about the power supply to the Arduino?
tominjose (author)  dil2abu2 months ago

1:Yeah you can use any kinds of arduino and its clones.

2:Yes it works on both hc-05 and hc-06.

3:In real i used same 12v battery for both arduino and motor driver .

And that 9v battery is just for illustration for circuit ,i couldn't find 12v batter on that software which i have designed the circuit .

dil2abu tominjose2 months ago
can I use a 9v battery for both Arduino and Motor Driver?
tominjose (author)  dil2abu2 months ago

yeah it will work with one 9v battery.

its difficult to vote using instructables mobile app, if possible you can visit my project from your mobile browser or from pc,and there will be vote option .

dil2abu tominjose2 months ago

Last help friend..

After spending lots of hours I found these are affordable for me.. You just check those links and make sure that these will work for me.. So that i can order it right now..

$_12 (1).JPGl293d-motor-driver-modu.jpg300-rpm-economy-dc-geared-motor.jpg$_12.JPG
tominjose (author)  dil2abu2 months ago

Fine go for it!
use this ebay coupon for additional discount "


dil2abu tominjose2 months ago
just started my work dude.. hope everything works fine when I complete :-)
tominjose (author)  dil2abu2 months ago

Wow Awesome all the best!! and dont forget to do "I Made it!"

dil2abu tominjose2 months ago
what battery did u used?
any suggestions for battery?
tominjose (author)  dil2abu2 months ago

i used 3, 4v 1ah batteries

if you have more money then i suggest to use lipo battery

dil2abu tominjose2 months ago
Thanks for ua suggestions dude.. I'll buy the cheaper one ?
tominjose (author)  dil2abu2 months ago

Go for it ,even that works great!!!

dil2abu tominjose2 months ago
Thanks for your reply.. what should I consider when buying a DC motor for this? Any specific Voltage or Rpm?
tominjose (author)  dil2abu2 months ago

Even it works on 9v , you can buy any rpm motors (less rpm more power)

voltage doesn't matter most dc motor works on 1-12v

Jii ive asked fr ma Forward reverse func error :(

tominjose (author)  sharkupsantosh2 months ago

shuffle the wires on 10,9 to 6,5. and if that doesn't work inter change those wires and find the proper connection.

dil2abu tominjose2 months ago
Thanks for your fast reply, how to vote for you with the Instructables app?

So both Arduino and Motor Driver can be powered by a single 9v battery?
ajishyama2 months ago

this is cool ,well explained thanks

Following expecting more from you.

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