Ok well for off just want to say hello to you my Guitar Hero friends. I decided to change my last post and update it a little more. But for all you new viewers, I am a big Guitar Hero Fan I decided to make my own Guitar (probably sense I became a true fan) with a twist. My plan is to make a completely custom Guitar, but not like your normal custom. I am an outdoor nut&so I thought what better way then to make a custom Guitar out of a stick. Yeah it is going to take me sometime, but I have a true love for Guitar Hero and wanted to show off my ideas and plans to my fellow Guitar Hero Fans. But this project will take me some time it involves a lot of custom woodwork and time, but I will be adding pictures throughout my project. I look forward to hearing your comments and opinions.

Thank you for checking out my custom Guitar Hero plans :)

Peace out my fellow Guitar Hero friends :)
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Step 1: Pictures

Picture of Pictures
custom guitar pic 1.jpg
custom guitar pic 2.jpg
These are a few pictures there will be many more to come in the near future. First picture of course is plans that I designed (please be kind I am not artist), but you get the idea :). The other two pictures are are just to give you an idea of what I am up to. I am removed all the bark, but still much more wood carving to come. Thanks again friends..
basher3454 years ago
question is there any way to make it so you don't have to strum to hit a note?
flomause4 years ago
oh my. a stick. i'm sure this'll be cool when it's done... but a stick. yay.
bowmaster5 years ago
This is an idea, not an instructable. You need to tell us how to make one for ourselves.
microman1716 years ago
I too have flagged. Also next time, please do not use Caps Lock. It looks as though you are shouting at us.
superdude4635 (author)  microman1716 years ago
sorry man..that is how i like to tpye but, thanks for the tip i will remember that..peace out.thanks for viewing
Looks much better :-D. I think you should put this into a forum topic and when you have finished, make an instructable :-D.
superdude4635 (author)  microman1716 years ago
thank you again for your advice, but i have kinda of a silly question what do you mean "forum topic"? as you can see i am new to this site and still learning so any advice is great. anyway thanks..take care..
If you press the community button at the top of the page it will take you to the forum. From there you can choose to create a topic, I think you have to navigate to where you want to post it though...
superdude4635 (author)  microman1716 years ago
thanks for the advide..i will try that out..laters..
Teh_Corbzor6 years ago
well it looks interesting, I will defiantly look for it when you are done. here is a suggestion though, sense you are building this , more or less from scratch, you could add a performance mod, making the fret buttons smaller, and bring ing them closer together, making them easier hit faster.
superdude4635 (author)  Teh_Corbzor6 years ago
that true my friend..see i love comment from others. i also thought of complety changing everything including the fret buttons. i have to say though i like your idea about brining the fret buttons closer..thanks for the tip..buddy..peace out..thanks for checking out my page will be add more soon..
me haz flagged too
whatsisface6 years ago
This will be better moved to a forum topic. I've flagged this as incomplete.