Very cool. This method would be cool for larger circles. I like how you cut the plexiglass also. I just had to make a couple of 18&quot; (had to be perfect) wood circles for someone. I used a jigsaw to cut the circle a little proud of 18 then used a wood lathe to get it down precise. It turned out good, but took a while. Next time I'll try this. <br> <br>Just an idea, but one could even make an &quot;auxilary&quot; tabletop with one of those stickon rulers and a slot to slide the bolt in for a quick setup for different size circles. 2&quot; would = a 4&quot; circle, 3&quot; = 6&quot; circle, ect...
Hi, <br>Good idea! I cut an 7 ft diameter Circle with a trailer axel hammered in the ground and the saw in the front yard. Was 2&quot; thick so it too like 15 minutes but it worked. My neighbor's old deck:-) They were trashing for a round design. The wood was good and with a few people helping we did it.
if you were to make a table saw sled you could do the circle cutting without having to drill holes in your table...
I agree, but I cut a lot of circles every day so it is easy to just drop the wooden pad with the bolt in the hole and go.

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