My first K'nex ball machine.

Here is the instructable on the elements!

I finished counting pieces. The final amount is 11 411 pcs.
Ofcourse, due to miscalculations and things like rubber bands etc, this number can be off a little.
wow that is epic! better than my 1st ball machine. (P.S. you published this on my Bday!)
awsome awsome that is so cool
wow knex is so much better than lego
thx somebody agresess
lang gekeden zeg
this is the, absalute, COOOOLLLEEST knex ball machine i have ever seen!!! :D very good job!
Wow... My first ball machine had ONE path, and that didn't even work...
awesome enne... amai
You Sir, possess a lot of K'nex. My admiration.
i will pay you $7.50 for all your knex... ok $8.00 but that is my limit
Who said I'm selling it? I'm still searching for more.
its a joke :)
Yeah, I'm bad at jokes XD But I'm still searching more k'nex
goed gedaan jongen<br /> ik heb een speciale webcam waarmee ik veel goede foto's kan maken<br /> dus tijdens het bouwen van mijn ball machine ga ik er meteen instructies bij zetten
M'n camera is eentje met een miniDV (cassetje), ik kan dus geen timelapse opnames maken :s<br /> <br /> nouja, met movie maker kan je vast wel voldoende doorspoelen XD
ja, maar ik heb in vele filmpjes gezien hoe een camera PRECIES de bal omhoog volgt dat is ook met chain gedaan en hoe ie geen beweging maakt als de bal om de bocht gaat
i bet your grandma is very proud of you.....
That is amazing by any standards! <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
Thank&nbsp; you.<br /> <br /> My current ball tower isn't as innovative, I just want to make it tall this time.<br /> <br /> To bad examinations are closing in so soon...
how long did it take u to build that is awesome<br />
It took several weeks, but there were a lot of breaks in it. In man-hours? I have no idea.
wow hey do u mind if i use some pics of ur stuff for this website im makin about knex stuff im getting guns ball machines etc
Yeah, but do not claim them as your own.<br /> You can make a link to the youtube video or the instructable or something like that.
very good ball machine good lift use nad funny chain lift later<br /> <br /> also good filmed hope i could contact you some more times<br /> <br /> further one thing<br /> <br /> from wich country you are?<br /> <br /> greetings kululknex<br /> <br /> alias the btkiller007
&nbsp;That is 1000 times better than the first one i ever made and alot more creative too.
&nbsp;this is sooo awesome!!
I just rated this 5* and it went up to 4.12*!<br /> <br /> Congrats, thats in the top 10... I think...
I don't know the ranking, but thanks.
GREATEST&nbsp;K&quot;NEX&nbsp;BULD&nbsp;EVER!!! &nbsp;<br /> great job<br />
When I saw this featured my first thought was &quot;a knex 'ible that got featured this has to be good&quot; <br /> <br /> And I can honestly say this is the first knex 'ible I'm truly impressed about. You clearly have a good imagination and mechanical insight judging from the different tracks and tranport systems. How long did it take you to build?<br /> <br /> Bravo good sir bravo.<br />
I was surprised myself that cyclo got featured.<br /> <br /> I'm glad you liked it.&nbsp;The first part of cyclo was constructed somewhere in october. Then things like the mill lift and such followed. I finished constructing at about christmas i think.<br /> Though I didn't work at cyclo all the time, just when I had some inspiration and time.
Very cool!<br /> I love the intricacy of it all.<br /> This was very well constructed.<br /> May i make a couple suggestions?<br /> 1. Stationary camera shots would make it much easier to watch. Try using a &quot;gorillapod&quot; or the likes, or make some kind of mini-tripod yourself!<br /> 2. More lighting would be awesome too. Maybe you could even thread certain parts with rope or string lights?<br /> You could even make yourself a neon glowing ball! <br /> (picture and link below)<br /> Who knows, be creative!<br /> All in all, i thought this was pretty freakin cool.<br /> Keep up the great work!&nbsp;<br /> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Bouncie/" rel="nofollow">www.instructables.com/id/LED-Bouncie/</a><br />
We don't have an actual video&nbsp;camera, this is taken with a digital photo camera. And during most of the vacation when I made the final stages of cyclo, it was always clouded outside, never had a sunny day that lighted my room. Using the lights of my room didn't do much good either.<br /> <br /> Though, there are 2 other videos on youtube on cyclo, called phase 1 and phase 2.&nbsp;These show the ball machine in earlier stages and some of them are more &quot;clear&quot;.<br /> <br /> And using a tripod? Where would I have putted that? I'd never manage to take close-ups, there's no place to put it!<br /> I did make this one standard for the camera once, but i needed the long rods and yet again, it was realy difficult to find a good position for it.<br /> Some of the shots were taken when I completely crawled in the machine and climbed on my clauset caus the balls were running trough the tracks in the back and you don't realy see that from the front.<br /> <br /> A glowing ball would be cool, but it would need to be the right size and plastic. Things like the rubber balls don't work in it, they have too much friction. And guess what, the christmas lights were in the christmas tree!<br /> <br /> Thanks for replying though :)
I think you have the wrong idea about my previous post....<br /> You need not explain yourself, my ideas were just suggestions.<br /> Now, i also don't have a video camera.. i also use a digital camera.<br /> Look up &quot;gorillapod&quot;<br /> It's made for digital cameras, and it'sr &quot;legs&quot; are super-posable - more like multi jointed fingers.<br /> I agree, a full sized tripod would not work, that is why i did not suggest it.<br /> <br /> You could very easily wrap the fingers around a couple knex stickout out of the side, and judging by your creativity, you wouldnt have any trouble figurin out how to make something like that works.<br /> Again, these are all just suggestions for future projects!<br /> <br /> Have fun, keep up the creativity!<br />
Hey, a&nbsp;gorillapod does look handy. :)<br /> <br /> I might get one of those, thanks
Someone has WAY to many knex...<br />
Me?<br /> Take a look on youtube, you'll find plenty of people who actually have a good amount of k'nex :p
Knex are awesome!
OMG! What do people think when they come into your room and see this?<br />
Few people did.<br /> <br /> They never notice the long track going over my clauset untill they see the ball dissapearing there (and reappearing over the door).&nbsp;
Still though, this thing is pretty insane! When I was like, 10, i got one of those kits to make your own. It had this big electric blower at the base. I made it, put it in our basement, basement flooded, and I never made another one. Too bad though, these look really cool!<br />
feature, congratulations<br /> <br />
FF fan, I see! ^.^&nbsp; Do you play online too?
That's pretty darn good. Especially for a first time.<br />
Looks great, plus it got featured! Nice job!<br />

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