Step 15: Wrapping it all up

In this step the final components get mounted to the clock assembly, using parts found in an old aircraft gyro I gave this some finishing touches and wired the remaining sound and light components into the main board.
the clock lights and pulses the time like a beating heart.....

the last 4 photos of this step show the other Ideas I attempted prior to coming up with the sounder and LED markers, the process is anything but straight forward, you just have to keep trying and it will all work out....I recorded lots of time lapse during the assembly but had trouble uploading all but one video.
Hope you enjoyed this Instructable, The clock and the write up were both challenging, I tend to get into my zone and just work through so it took some discipline to stop and take pictures, I sometimes would have to dismantle something because I forgot to take pictures for the instructable, i hope this inspires you to collect, drill, machine wire and be proud of something you created...
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Jack Edjourian
repguy20202 years ago
A nixie clock covered in awesome sauce! Absolutely wicked! the alien parchment would have been a great gag, but the work on the clock is spectacular. Painstaking and detailed are understatements. As I saw in a comment on another instructable of yours, a clean desk is, indeed, a sign of a sick mind. Besides, where would you put the stuff you need, if not on your desk? Keep up the ... superlative ... (yeah, that's a good word) work!
diy_bloke3 years ago
I am in absolute awe
hellboy (author)  diy_bloke3 years ago
Thank you