Step 15: Wrapping It All Up

In this step the final components get mounted to the clock assembly, using parts found in an old aircraft gyro I gave this some finishing touches and wired the remaining sound and light components into the main board.
the clock lights and pulses the time like a beating heart.....

the last 4 photos of this step show the other Ideas I attempted prior to coming up with the sounder and LED markers, the process is anything but straight forward, you just have to keep trying and it will all work out....I recorded lots of time lapse during the assembly but had trouble uploading all but one video.
Hope you enjoyed this Instructable, The clock and the write up were both challenging, I tend to get into my zone and just work through so it took some discipline to stop and take pictures, I sometimes would have to dismantle something because I forgot to take pictures for the instructable, i hope this inspires you to collect, drill, machine wire and be proud of something you created...
And Please vote for me if you think it worthy....
Jack Edjourian
<p>I am in awe</p>
<p>woah... I remained with no words... what an awesome work!</p>
A nixie clock covered in awesome sauce! Absolutely wicked! the alien parchment would have been a great gag, but the work on the clock is spectacular. Painstaking and detailed are understatements. As I saw in a comment on another instructable of yours, a clean desk is, indeed, a sign of a sick mind. Besides, where would you put the stuff you need, if not on your desk? Keep up the ... superlative ... (yeah, that's a good word) work!
dear santa.......
Very good work, nice craft, and attention to detail; and I love the design. <br> <br>10, 11, 12?
Awesome job!!!<br>just don't try to take this thru airport security. if this doesn't say &quot;thermonuclear device&quot; i don't what does. next thing you know, you'll spend the weekend with homeland security being searched in places you don't want searched, while your really cool Cyclops which you worked so hard on gets hauled away by bomb robot and blown up in a disposal range.......<br>:)<br><br>
Ha ha yes a few of my creations have drawn attention from authorities...some good and some curious
So if you suddenly wld never publish here anymore we can send cards to Gitmo?
I would be happy to forward you my new address, but it would be hard to read with a burlap sack over my head
I am in absolute awe
Thank you
You are a artist !!! stunning craftsmanship!!!
Thank you very much.
Congrats on being a finalist, and good luck!
Thanks for letting me know, just found out.... And congrats to you too, I enjoyed the VW bunk bed project, nice layout.
Wonderfully speaking...Brother...you're among the first best artisans...In addition to wise technological Instructables! Cyclops is a amazing&nbsp;piece of art and technology! I believe that...to production in series...in a short time your serious a rich and famous man! from here, from Northern of South America you send my most sincere congratulations and be sure to amaze me with your creations! Best regards
Thank you Robbie, I'm happy you liked it so much...
Your works would be right at home in the museum of modern art in.n.y.c.!
Thank you, hopefully soon, have a few more pieces to go, and I will put all of them up here....thanks again..
Absolutely beautiful.. it would be awesome if you made some to sell.
Thank you, my other clock had some manufactures offering to make a production run, I declined the clocks will be part of an art museum exhibit.
wow, that's awesome... I saw both clocks and if I saw aether one for sale, I would definitely buy them.
@Hellboy; Reading your instructable, I felt like the characters in Total Recall when they see the ancient alien terraforming reactor. First you call your device Cyclops, then you refer to it as a Nixie clock (at which point I begin losing the thread), then you present an incredible tour de force of designing, milling, electronics, and finishing. NOT to mention a threat of 300 volt electrocution if the insulations are not done right. Thank you! Cheers : ) Site
Sorry about that, you can see why my instructables are picture heavy.... <br>The clock is Named a nixie clock due to its main component the Nixie tube, I just came up with the name cyclops but it could as well have been anything else.<br>And the thing can give you a nasty sting if you are not careful...<br>I thank you for your intrest...<br>And I appreciate it....
@Hellboy; Hi! Nothing to be sorry about I meant what I said it is art... that said, now that you expalin it is a Nixie tube, it is of COURSE all clear now *serious eye roll*... I shall google &quot;nixie tube&quot; immediately... I love technology and technology specific jargon... and I love great crafting, as the others are saying too. Cheers! :) Site
This is terrific! Such craftmanship. I would love to have this as a clock.
Thak you.
Wow, I didn't know something that beautiful existed... I hope to see more of your projects in the future!
Thank you kindly, and you will see more,it just takes a while, I have that irritating trait that if something is not perfect I try another route, this burns up time but I think the end result is satisfying , to me at least
This is impressive.<br>Do you have a store or something?
Thank you, No store....
Hellboy, you are definitely one of the finest craftsmen on instructables. This is an amazing project that benefits greatly from the meticulous nature of your complex mind. I would love to see a video that showcases its true look and sound. Wish I could vote more than once.... ; )
Thank you Sir, I tried to load video during the process of making the instructable and got error message after error message.....
This reminds me of COD Black Ops.
LOL &quot; I was going to sculpt an animated cosmonaut that was in deep sleep but at set intervals would wake and thrash in terror, articulated eyes, brow and jaw would display the terror then he would fall back to sleep....and this was going to be a time and terror piece.....but as you all know ideas change&quot; I hope someday you still approach this idea! This is yet another amazing piece by Hellboy! great work! I look forward to seeing this in person sometime!
Amazing talent. You are genius.
Awesome, The craftsmanship is incredible. I cant wait to see it in person. <br>Congratulations on another masterpiece.
Such an Awesome JOB! and again.. I feel very lucky to see this in person ^___^

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