Introduction: Cauliflower Fry

Make an easy cauliflower fry

Step 1: Arranging Ingredients

You need
1 fresh cauliflower
some peaces of potatoes
1 onion
green chilli

Step 2: Boiling Part 1

Take the peaces of cauliflower and wash them
You must clean them at first as it's about your health
Then take a bowl full with water and put the potatoes and cauliflower into it and put them on stove


Step 3: Boiling Part 2

After half an hour take this off from stove

Step 4: Fry

Take a pan and put some oil on it
When the oil become hot then put the peaces of onions and salt into it
Fry them 10 minutes

Step 5: Cooking

Then put the peaces of cauliflower and cook until the yammi smell come and tickle your nose.
Yes, you have to cook them
and keep checking them with in 5 minutes


ShoebS3 (author)2016-02-14

this is the first instructable from Bangladesh I've come across.... nice!

but why the cornflour?

mchowdhury mumu (author)ShoebS32016-02-15

It's your choice you want to use the cornflower or not

SeamusDubh (author)2016-02-14

Um, That's not Cabbage it's Cauliflower.


sry just corrected it

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