These pockets are made especially for cabinet doors but they can also be hung on a wall if you prefer.
You can use it as an organizer for postcards, letters, bills, menus, etc. I bet that everybody has paper mess somewhere...this is the right place to organize and hide it!

Step 1: What you need:

  • big plastic bag
  • wadding
  • glue stick / super glue / double-sided tape
  • scissors / cutter
  • ruler
  • pencil
For the decoration:
  • trimmings
  • strings
Very neat idea! <br>It occured to me that you could sew the pieces together instead of glueing. It's just as fast if you have a sewing machine and there's no need for super glue or tape trimming.
Oh yes, definitely! And I guess it's even safer that way :) <br>I didn't think about it at the time because I'm pretty bad at sewing...I'm starting to learn it a bit now but the sewing machine and I still don't get along very well :D
Good luck learning! <br>I personally find it a very useful skill to have, be it in mending clothes and adjusting things you found at the thrift shop, or upcycling all kinds of stuff. I especially enjoy sewing non-fabrics like plastics, inner tire tubing and paper. The internet is always a great source of information and inspiration :)
Thank you! :) <br>Right now I can sew by hand pretty well, it's the sewing machine that gives me problems...I can't go straight, everything curls up and sometimes the thread is sewn very badly. I think this last one is the sewing machine's problem, since the one I have is quite old. I need some more patience but I really want to learn! :)
i knew i should not have believed everyone and threw that old carpeting pad when we tiled the floors!
The same happens to me all the time! It's really frustrating...
Tonight I stumbled upon some carpet padding I had NOT thrown out. 8-)
That is so cool! A good up cycle for my plastic bags and cool DIY storage at the same time! Awesome! I may even use dryer lint or old fabric for the wadding... Hmm... Thanks!
Yes! I believe that we can upcycle anything :)
Great looking organizer!
I am so glad you like it! :)

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