Introduction: Convenience

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Took the door off the cabinet and decided to turn it into a drawer

Step 1: Planning

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Being a kind of work as you go kind of guy I made a rough model of the drawer sliding mechanism then refined it

Step 2: Action

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It was pretty easy. I took the door off, measured everything, made a reinforced frame for the drawer, mounted the drawer sliders, checked to make sure the drawer slid in and out, took the drawer out, mounted the door to the frame, added a support bracket and finally put the drawer back with trash can

Step 3: Finish Line

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Finished project!!!

Step 4: Materials

The drawer itself is just a 1" x 2" frame with 1/8" plywood over the top and a 1" x 2" support rail for the door. For more secure cabinet door I added a 6" piece of 1/2" plywood to the front of the drawer frame which I mounted the cabinet door to. Additionally I mounted a support bracket on the side of the cabinet door to the side of the frame to add structural support from about half way up the cabinet door.


seamster (author)2015-06-22

Very nice! I need something like this in my kitchen. Great work, thanks for sharing this idea.

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