Cabinet Shelves That Work





Introduction: Cabinet Shelves That Work

Nothing is more aggravating then a messy shelf that you cannot find anything. This fixes that.

Step 1: Trace and Cutout

All you need is some play board and a jig saw. take out the old shelve as a template. Trace your length and width. Measure 3" from edge and cut out center. Sand and replace shelve. Use first one built as a template for others. Enjoy!



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    very well done Palmetto_x, nice concept to keep everything visible and handy

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    Thank you bhavik zure. I have been using this for a year now and it has stayed functional.

    You could also try using the part cut out attached to the inside of the door so that when the door closes they interlock. The shape would have to be modified to allow it to swing, but you could gain back most of the volume. Cool idea.

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    nice suggestion, simply creative.

    Good idea, might need to try that

    So, the solution to the problem of things blocking other things on shelves is to cut away that part of the shelf in front of the things blocked by other things. It's a trade off: Storage capacity vs. accessibility. I like accessibility, too.