This is a super easy, super cheap way to hang curtains in your house. Make sure you use a cable (wire rope) heavy enough for your purposes and that you anchor the eyelet screws well.

You will need:

-length of 1/16 in (or other) the width of the window to where you want the curtains to stop plus about 4-5 inches
-eyelet screws, 3 per window
-cable crimps or ends
-needle nose plyers
-cable cutters
-some curtains to hang
-tape measure helps.

Step 1: Measure the Window You Will Be Covering.

Use a tape measure or the cable itself and measure how wide of a space over the window you want to cover.

Add about 4 inches to this number for the loops at the end.

You will want to only loop and crimp one end of the cable to start. We will check the final length before looping and crimping (swaging) the other end, this will ensure we get the cable pretty taught and without too much sag.

Here my window is just over 39 inches, I cut 45 inches of cable to be safe.
This is perfect for my bedroom, and easy enough for me to do by myself. I like the look, without the big bar across top, as well. It will look nice with the scarves I plan to use. Thanks!
Awesome! It's always nice to have a curtain option that isn't a big clunky bar across the top of your window.

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